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    Default CSA Questions from a newbie!

    Hello there! I'm heading to CSA Jan 3-9th, and we can't wait! I have a few questions that I can't find, I've looked all through the website and the boards!

    1) I read that we have to make reservations for the dinner on the beach before we get there. How do we do that?

    2) I've read about the laundry service. How much does it cost? I'm thinking this is a good option rather than bringing more clothes (I'm the visiting fitness instructor, so I'll need 2 sets of workout clothes per day, plus everything else!)

    3) Since I'm teaching at 9 am and 5 PM every day, I will only be able to do a long excusion on Saturday. The glass bottom boat tour sounds great, but if you only had to pick 1, which would you do??

    Thanks for your help and insight!


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    1) Contact the Romance Concierge, they will send you the forms to fill out, menus to choose from and details on sending in credit card info to reserve the private beachside dinner.

    My wife and I had a private beach dinner just last week and loved it. A note that we had ours on a Thurs. evening and Beaches to the north of Couples had their beach party which included loud music. You may want to avoid that evening if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere. If we had know of that in advance we probably would've chosen a different evening.

    2) Not sure, but I know I've seen a price list posted in the past. Do a search and you should find your answers.

    3) The glass bottom boat was nice, roughly an hour long, but I believe it's only offered at 9AM. Snorkeling is offered at 1:30 daily which might fit your schedule better.


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    The dinner on the beach reservation can be made as soon as you arrive by stepping across the hall to the concierge desk ,there are several added options you might want to consider which is why it might be better to wait till you get there to book it.
    Everything else is really the easy part,bathing suits ,cover ups,and cute sundresses(for dinner) ,one pair of neutral sandals . We only pack in carry on luggage and always have had enough cloths for 7 days.
    The glass bottom boat is at 10am and for ,"1 overseas hour". Since you did not say how long your classes last the snorkel trip is 3x a day ,also a hour each, at 11,1:30pm and 3pm so maybe those will fit your schedule(they have all the gear)you will love the watersports fellas.
    If you can get on the CAT cruise it is a blast as well ,you're allowed to jump off and swim into a cave,great exercise lol !

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    Shanna - you CAN make reservations for the beach dinner for two before you get to CSA, but you do not HAVE to. Just talk to the concierge once you get to CSA.

    I haven't used the laundry service at CSA, but I do recall that it was priced on par with hotels in the U.S., i.e., a couple of bucks per item.

    Actually, you can do snorkeling or the glass bottom boat tour, both of which are included in the price. There is a snorkeling trip around 1:30 at CSA that lasts for an hour, that will get you back in plenty of time for your class. You could also go to the Negril Cliffs one night for drinks or dinner, and CSA can arrange for a driver/cab to take you. Have fun!

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    If you go to the FAQs on the left of the screen you will get info on the private dinner. It will be under food and beverage. If you are off on the Saturday I would say the best thing is the catamaran trip. It goes out at 3:30.

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    hi, i hope my reply helps you somewhat.

    1. you canmake the private dinner reservation after you arrive to Swept Away.

    2. Sorry we have never used the laundry service.

    3. i would pick the cat cruise for the excursion.


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    Shanna -

    While I am not the visiting fitness instructor, we do work out quite a bit while on vacation, and I really didn't want to bring 9 sets of workout clothes.

    I thought that the laundry prices were rather high (approx $3-4 for a pair of shorts.) What I found was a little liquid laundry detergent in a plastic bottle, and I would wash rinse out my fitness clothes in the sink and hang them in the bathroom on the clothesline. They would take 2 days to dry and not be a crisp and fresh as if I had washed them at home, but they were definitely wearable and not stinky and then I got by with less clothes.

    Just a quick note that the running shorts dried pretty darn fast, but the sports bras and yoga pants definitely took longer.

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    Don't tell anyone, but I always bring extra wire hangers and clothespins & rinse out clothes in the ladies locker room. I hang them from the lockers to dry, first rolling in a towel, as the ac works very well. Used to be, others did the same thing. One can get a key for the locker for the week, just ask at the desk.

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    Default teaching classes?

    Just wanted to ask how you got involved in teaching fitness at resorts. Do you live there or what part of the United States are you from. I live in Virginia and have been thinking about doing something like this. Who would I contact? Thanks

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