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    Default Non Smoking Rooms?

    We're thinking of going to Couples Negril in Jan. Anyone know if there are non-smoking rooms available.

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    No, but none of them smell of smoke. i can't stand the smell of smoke and we have been to Couples 7 times and never had a problem. Enjoy.

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    We just got back from CSA last night and while it's true the rooms don't smell like smoke, we couldn't ever use our beautiful beachfront balcony because of other people on their balconies smoking, the smell was so bad we couldn't stand to be out there. We wished they had non-smoking buildings.

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    Couples does not have specific non-smoking rooms. However, all of the indoor restaurants are non-smoking. We have been to CSA and CSS. I have asthma and am very sensitive to smoke. I did not notice a smokey smell in any of our rooms at either CSA or CSS. I think this is because there is no carpeting in the rooms or heavy drapes to hold the smoke smell. I also have NEVER noticed a moldy or musty smell in the rooms. I've seen this comment pop up recently on TA.

    I will admit that it is annoying to have the smoke smell drift from another balcony to yours. Having said that, we have not encountered that as a problem too often in our four trips.

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