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    Default Good Food at the Montego bay Airport

    We flew WestJet to Jamaica this year from Ottawa (great price) and they have "buy on board" meals. E.G. a selection of sandwiches, chips, pop etc. After checking-in at the counter we headed for the "Island Grill" located at the entrance of the Montego Bay airport terminal (facing the WestJet counters) and purchased meals to bring onboard our flight home. We got 2 Jerk chicken dinners (Jerk chicken, rice and peas, salad and a fried dumpling) for US5.00 each! The meals were great and except we had to put up with quite a few envious glances from others on our flight. Even the WestJet flight attendants were asking how to get this at the airport. Just thought we'd mention this option for other folks flying home. Island Grill is a very sucessful Jamaican food chain. Check them out on Facebook!
    P.S. you are allowed to take meals through the security checks, just no drinks!

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    Great tip thanks for posting I love the pattie shop in the airport to!
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    We love the airport patties, too! They are so reasonably priced - it helps ease us back out of the all-inclusive mindset and into actually paying for our own food!

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    Great Tip! Thanks! We'll have to check out the Island Grill.
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    We usually get one last patty and a red stripe, but I think the jerk chicken will be my food of choice next trip. (I'll still get a Red Stripe once through security, though.)

    Question from my DH -- How hot was the jerk? (He's a woos.)

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    The jerk is not very spicy. more flavour than heat! They also sell Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light there along with many meal choices...curry chicken, bbq chicken (delish!), soups, callalloo rice, pumpkin rice, rice and peas etc!

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    There are a lot more dining options at the airport now, but we like Island Grill best.
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    Can you take the Red Stripe on the plane?

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    Nope. You're not allowed to bring any alcohol on the plane. Sorry.

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