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    Default Scuba Diving at CSS

    Any one have details of what the scuba diving is like at CSS? Dive sites, depths etc. I am there in February and part of the experience will be sampling the diving.Thanks. Steve

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    We did 3 dives over Thanksgiving. Didn't go more than 65 ft. I didn't care for the boat much as every day I came back feeling seasick, even on really calm days. At CTI in October we dived up to 90ft and the boat was much better and faster so we could get to farther sites quickly and no seasickness. In theory you should get to dive the same sites as CTI it depends on the length of your stay. Hope this helps, have a great time.

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    dandj, Thanks, all replies useful to get a feel for the set up. Steve

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    Just back from 2 weeks at CSS. Went diving 9-10 times.
    Deepest was 95 feet. Shallowest was 35 feet.
    Fantastic. Great group of divemasters.

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