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    We a great time and the resort. Everything was perfect except for our apple vacation rep. I've tried posting this 2 time and its taken out of print. Why? We travel all kinds of places and not every resort is perfect. Everyone has a different perspective of what they expect or what they should get for their money.

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    If your prior postings identified a particular tour operator by name (I'm assuming they did b/c your current posting does) and contained negative language that the tour operator could view as defamatory, Couples could be held liable because it maintains control over the MB and determines which posts will be allowed to appear on the MB and which will be disallowed.

    Try starting a new thread, and simply refer to the tour operator by a generic term (e.g., tour operator, travel agent, etc).
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    Mentioning a particular travel agency by name is usually a no-no on the message board. Sorry you had an unpleasant experience with them.

    Yes, we would all like to get what we hope for when we pay for a premium vacation. And yes, not all resorts are the same, nor do they all give us what we want or expect.

    Glad you enjoyed your Couples vacation. Which resort?

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    I'd suggest venting at TA... they seem to thrive on that...

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