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    Default Question about 500.00

    I have booked Stacey for the wedding on 12/14/09 and I know that she includes the 500.00 fee in her prices but I'm wondering how does the resort get that money?? Right now I'm under the impression that I am paying Stacey 500.00 plus the resort will charge 500.00 to our room...and to be honest that isn't the deal that I asked for. Is this right or am I totally off course here? If you have used Stacey I'd love to know how she did the 500.00 fee for you.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I am using Stacey in October and I asked her about the fee and she said that she will split the fee 50/50 with us. I asked how this worked and this is what she told me:

    "I do split the fee charge with you 50/50. I leave you with my half of the payment before you have to meet with wedding co-coordinator. Nothing to worry about."

    I hope that helps.

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    That makes sense. What happens to our half of the 500.00?? I'm still confused on how we actually pay the resort 500.00 when she only gives us half that.....I emailed Stacey so maybe she can give me some insight on this.
    Thank you for you response I appreciate it.

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    Well I don't actually think that the $500 is included in her prices so I believe that she gives you $250 and then you give the resort that plus $250 out of your pocket. That was my understanding at least. I could be wrong though. Hopefully Stacey will get back to you soon to clear things up.

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    Stacey replied to my email and cleared up the information for me.
    Thanks for everyone who replied; I appreciate it.

    I can't wait to get to CSA!! December 11-17, 09--Wedding is Dec. 14

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