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    Default Running the Beach at CSA

    Just wondering if it is safe for a woman to run the beach alone in the morning at CSA. I was thinking of going to the right (if looking at the sea) to stay within the resorts. Have any women done this alone? I don't want to seem paranoid, just safe

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    I would feel perfectly safe, and have seen many women running alone on the beach in the morning. If you run to the right, (looking at the sea) you aren't going to get far before you hit a wooded, somewhat deserted area. I would run to the left instead. That will keep you in front of resorts the entire time.

    Depending on the tide, you'll hit a couple of spots where you might get your feet wet. (I bring an older pair of running shoes -- just can't quite do the barefoot thing.) Alternately, you could try to find someone to run with you, if you're not comfortable. When are you going to be there? We're there in May and will be running just about every morning.

    Honestly, though, I just finished training for a marathon, and I have felt safer running the beach at CSA than I did during some of the training I did in my town. (Small town in West-Central Florida).

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    We will be there next Friday. I know...I rarely run in my own neighborhood alone because I don't feel too safe. I figure in Negril, along the beach, there are all of the resorts with security. Thanks for your input!

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    As long as it is daylight I think you will be just fine. I run the beach just after sun up, while mrs. dirtleg is asleep. It is not quite deserted, but it is pretty quiet and a very nice run. I agree, turn left at the beach and take in the ambiance of Negril as it wakes up. You will love it. You will find a good running surface just above the water line. The damp sand is packed just right to be forgiving to your joints, but firm enough for good footing. You will probably get your feet wet some where along the run, I always do. So plan accordingly in packing your foot gear. I always wear a low cut sock and an older pair of running shoes. But do what is right for your feet.

    Have a great trip and enjoy your run!
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    Do you guys have to check out with CSA beach security? They always stop me the first morning and after that they recognize me. Also, how far down the beach do you run? I always stop after the wooded area and come back. It looks like private property north of the woods.

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    I have been stopped by the guard, but usually they would see me coming out to the beach from the building area. I stop to tell them what I am up to and that I will be returning in a half hour or so. It's all good.

    The run to the north, going to the right at the beach, is rather short and not nearly as interesting, in my opinion. That's why I go to the south, making a left turn on the beach. You can go a couple of miles and there is much more to see.

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    There's also the running track around the fitness center....

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    Why run on the track when you can run the beach? Also, the running track has some pretty tight corners. We do walk the track after we play racquetball in the mornings.

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    I was just at CSA. My husband and I ran the beach a few times. Be sure to tell the guards you are leaving. They didn't always see me leave. Also one time my husband was way ahead of me and we were off the resort to the left. I had passed 2 women in very shallow water one stating, Miss we need your assistance. I kept walking fast. I just felt something wasn't right. I hope she didn't really need assistance but my gut told me to keep going. A lot of people came up to me asking if I woudl buy stuff and drugs,... They did not bother me after I said no thank you. It is interesting to the left of the resort, but I have to say the nicest part of the beach is right in fronnt of CSA and it is very long, enough to run back and forth on resort property. I personally wouldn't go out of ther resort area alone. This is just my opinion.

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    What time were you running? Early morning?

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    Default Running at CSA

    Just returned from CSA 11/25-12/2 and ran 6 of 7 days on the beach and one day at 800m track at sports complex. Turning right you can run all the way down to Point Village. It is about 2.5 miles one way. You pass all the resorts and then you can enter the gate at Hedo II and run through the resort adjacent to the beach through the AN section. At the end of the AN section there is a empty lot and a white fence which leads to Point Village. I then ran on the road around Point Village and then back the way I came. Just act like you know where you are going and nobody bothers you. Going left you can run down to the inlet, about 2 miles. There are usually a bunch of guys hanging around the inlet so be cautious. I also ran through the village next to the inlet and up onto the highway but there was too much traffic so I went back to the beach. It is probably safer to turn right from Swept Away as each resort does have their own security guards. Suggest you bring two pairs of running shoes because mine never dried out the whole week. The track is good for interval training. There is also treadmills at the sports complex but I will probably be on a treadmill soon enough this Winter. Swept Away guards did ask for room number when leaving and returning to the resort.

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    I usually run on the road towards town. It's about 2.5 miles each way and the road has nice wide berms In the past 6 years I have logged about 200 miles on that stretch have always felt safe. Either way you choose you'll have a great run.

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    Good post Don. Great information on running to the north, didn't realize you could go that far. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gish24 View Post
    What time were you running? Early morning?
    It was morning, probably between 7 and 8.

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    Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize it was possible to run that far to the north. I was always hesitant to go through some of the private areas. I don’t like running south due to all the people trying to approach me.

    Come to Iowa in November and run the living history farms cross country race. It’s the biggest race in North America and it’s a blast. 7,500 people in costumes running through corn fields and the course usually has 7-8 water crossings.

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