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    You were my inspiration to try CN and we loved it! We leave for CTI in 6 days and are hoping to enjoy it as much as you did. Could you please tell me the name of the GM at CTI. Also, any tips or suggestions for us? I will write a detailed review when we return.
    Thank you so much,

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    Tommy and Peggy are on a long road trip in the US at the moment. CTI's GM is Leonard Henry and he is the best! You will see Mr. Henry several times everyday walking the resort meeting guests. You will only get to call him Mr. Henry once then he will inform you that his father is called Mr. Henry and his name is Leonard.

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    Thank you so much; we are looking forward to meeting him.

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    Travelpatty.Sorry I missed this thread but Peggy and I have been on the road lately..Did you get to and enjoy CTI?

    Hugs from cold and snowy Steamboat Springs,Colorado

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