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    Default CSS gift shop and sunscreen

    Does the CSS gift shop carry spray bottles of sunscreen? We are trying to avoid a check in bag and I simply must have my spray on sunscreen to survive. Anyone know how much $ they are?
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I remember seeing the spray bottles, for sure, but I don't think they had a lot in the way of choice. As I recall, there was an SPF 6 and and SPF 45, both of the same brand. I honestly don't remember how much they cost either. Sorry. Hopefully someone can be of more help than I can.

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    Last July, we did the same thing. Take everything as carry on, and purchase what we need from the resort. At the time we were there, the gift shop did not have spray on sunscreen. Next trip, we are going to purchase at the airport when we arrive, or ask the driver to stop along the way. If you try either of these, let us know if it worked.


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    we ran low on spray lotion last time we were there and i remember we looked at the gift shop and don't believe they had what we wanted. if you really want, we are checking a couple of bags and would gladly get you some at Academy sports where we got ours. they are $9.00 a bottle. let me know, since we land within an hour of each other, we can leave it at the check in desk for you to get when you get there. glad to help out a fellow couples addict......

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    Last December CSS carried the Coppertone spray sunscreen that comes in a silver colored can - I think it ran 14 dollars, but I could be wrong. Delta left our luggage in Atlanta, so any price was worth it to be able to hit the beach and not lose a day waiting for what we packed. This spray is the more aerosol type (not a pump like Bull Frog) so it does have the fumes and tendency to sting sensitive parts.

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    That would be greatly appreciated - I'm talking about the continuous spray type - SPF 15 - 1 bottle will be all I need as I am bringing some other sunscreens in small bottles. Thanks so much for the offer!

    I still say I can do it with carry on only but my husband strongly disagrees so we will see.

    See you on the beach 12/12
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    Default 12/12

    Hear that - on the beach in 11 days. Gonna bring our own stuff because we go through it pretty fast. I've been without or with less protection and I would much rather take time to butter-up than deal with the red demon. Also understand that the sun can cause long term problems...I try to dose up before the rum flows! Don't want to miss a spot -been there, done that, also.

    We just get the squeeze bottles from Wal Mart & pack em. If We need room going home, no big loss to leave the leftovers. The GS does carry stuff, but I think I remember it being a little high, it's all imported, I think.

    Tell Bob I've got the golf balls & tees already packed.

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    lov jamaica, i have a coppertone sport continuous spray, ultra sweatproof and waterproof, 15 spf. does that work? we tried to get some that we would not have to reapply too often but love the spray as well.

    caveman.....can't wait to meet you guys at the balloon bar on dec. 12th for that drink and getting you and bob all teed up! LOL

    only 8 more days for us.....will it go by fast?? Not fast enough!!

    by the way, what books are all of you bringing? it would be cool if we had books to exchange.....i read 5 last time we were there. we left them in the library when we left for others.

    just a thought.

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    Yes- the Coppertone 15 spray works fine - I start with that and apply 30 to areas that are prone to burning. I find if I start with more than 15 then I do not tan as I always come with a base tan.

    Books- I don;t read many books - I usually just sit and bake in the sun all day. Hubby is bringing books but has not yet hit the book store. His books are usually spiritual in nature.

    We arrive the same day (the 11th ) as you so maybe we'll run into you before the next morning so I can be all sprayed and ready to sun. We should arrive at the resort around 3:30 if the ride is similar to CN which I think it is.

    The wait is getting so hard - the last 2 weeks usually are and here we are just 8 sleeps till we leave. I don't dare pack until the night before, otherwise I sit around thinking about things I forgot to put into the bag.

    JA come soon!

    I hope you survived that rain storm that blew through - WOW what a storm. I guess it could have been worse - like snow.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    sounds klike we are all geared up and ready to go! will pick up the spf 15 for you and we went barnes and nobles tonight after work and got some hubby and i read completely different stuff so we have to buy enough for each of us. Can't wait to relax and not think about anything but what we should order to eat and drink....can't wait to meet you all!!

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    actually lovjamaica if you are getting in at 1230, I bet you are at CSS by 2:30...we are going to check in and run straight to SSB to get in some rays for a bit first.....then its onto the friday night gala. if you are up to it, meet us at the beach bar around 6:30 for a drink. the gala is not to be missed!

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    Lovjamaica, don't know if you've been to CSS before, but thier gift shop rocks!! We prefer CN(ever so slightly)than CSS...but, the CSS gift shop is leaps and bounds better than CN's, in our opinion....still, we MUST check a bag as Patrick is a ginger and needs approx. 1 can of coppertone spf30 per each 2 days we stay

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    Default Books!

    Ready to pack are Nora Roberts, Jana DeLeon, Barbara Delinsky, DALE Brown, WEB Griffin & Michelle Malkin. Besides some golf, lots of plans to veg-out, read & relax. Sure, we'll trade!

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    Sunscreen for lovjamaica......check
    reservations for atlanta for thursday night........check
    books bought for the week.....check
    packed.....mmmm not all the way but mostly
    passports and plane tickets.....check
    checked into romance rewards.......check
    balls and tees......Bob needs to get those so it will be last minute
    ok, what else am I forgetting???? I can't believe we are leaving here in a couple of days!!! Yeah!!!

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