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    It seems that every so often I am compelled to restate our position on a few topics which keep rearing up their ugly heads, so here I go:

    1. Public Displays of Affection: NO! Couples Resorts does not condone nor will we tolerate any display of public sexual activity. Guests caught participating in such behavior will be asked to leave the resort immediately without any compensation. If having sex in public is your thing, then Hedonism Resorts would be a better fit for you. Bottomline? Keep it in your room.

    2. Same Sex Couples: YES! Couples Resorts welcomes ALL couples in love. Having said that, homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica so the destination is not viewed as gay-friendly.

    3. Singles: YES! Couples Resort does accept a minimum number (5% of the total group count)of single guests when they are traveling as part of a wedding party. There is no discount for single guests. Every piece of collateral we produce talks about and shows couples only. The number of singles on property at any given time is insignificant to the overall resort population.

    4. Tipping: NO! Tipping is NOT permitted to any Couples Resorts staff. The only on-property exception is in the spa where 10-15% gratuity is normal. At the airport, porters require a tip if you chose to use one - $1 per bag is customary. Drivers for your transfers are not Couples Resorts staff so you may tip them, but not required.

    5. Specific Rooms, Buildings or Floor requests: NO! As a result of daily arrivals and departures, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific room number, building or floor. Rooms are assigned upon arrival and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you at that time. Coming with an expectation of a specific room assignment may only serve to unnecessarily disappoint you at the start of your vacation. This applies to all reservations, even if you or your travel agent request it or note it in the reservation.

    6. Message Board Etiquette: C'mon Folks! Be Nice! Enough of the nasty comments and personal attacks when someone asks a simple question.

    From the Forum Rules: "The Couples Message Board is for polite, thoughtful discussion and inquiries about Couples Resorts only. Posts that are abusive, off subject, silly, containing personal attacks, threats, name calling libels, illegal activities, or hate group messages will not be allowed. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."

    Message board moderators will become more aggressive in rejecting posts that we - in our sole discretion - feel are inappropriate and unhelpful. Continued negative posts by any individual will result in banning you from posting the message board.

    Further - we know the temptation exists to try to compare our resorts with resort companies, to promote your specific travel agent and/or tour operator. Again, from the Forum Rules - "Couples Resorts reserves the right to reject or edit posts for any reason, but specifically prohibits naming other resorts or resort chains, travel agent or tour companies, other destinations, offsite and/or third party vendors/service providers and other websites or links."

    7. Ok - one more. Its Sans Souci, not San Souci. :-)

    Ok - Off my Soapbox.
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