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    Default ages at CN and the nude beach?

    What is the average age, The most common age... and do you see anybody in late 20's early 30's on the nude beach? We are in our late 20's and are interested in trying out the nude beach but don't wanna feel outta place. Any suggestions?

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    i would say > 37 < 52 big range i know so say 45 to make it easy.
    if we were to plot the ages you would see a small sampling in the < 30 age group. I wouldnt worry about feeling out of place one of the attractions of the AN side is no one cares we are too busy being nekkid and getting our drink on to worry about anyoen else lol
    the people, conversation and entire vibe is much more relaxed then any experience we have had on a textile beach. This dynamic we have observed in multiple AN c/o resorts we have been over the years
    go get nekkid lube up relax and enjoy

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    Although we won't be at CN, the wife and I are heading the CSS & Sunset Beach in Nov. 2010, and we are 32 (me, although I never act it!) and 31 (wifey).

    From what I have read, we will be on the younger side in comparison, but we stopped worrying about how old people are a while ago because it doesn't matter.

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    When we were at CN in April I would say most of the people were in the age group indicated by steverandlinda... 37<majority<54. Of the 12 couples on the AN beach there were 2 couples in your age range. The rest were in the "majority"... but as has been said, no one really cares about ages, they are all just relaxed and enjoying the AN experience in what ever way suits them.

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    Just for reference... my girl and I just got back from CTI... on the island, we were likely the youngest couple out there most days.. at 32/33. But we never felt out of place (other than the initial worries about being AN)... but there were times when we saw younger groups coming back to the mainland later in the morning... We generally went out there in the afternoon to relax and read.

    As others said, your age doesn't matter, just go and enjoy yourselves.

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    Default All Ages

    We have not been to CN yet but we arrive 12/24. Last year we were at CTI and the age spread was from mid or late 20's to late 60's. But I don't think age is or was an issue with anyone. Just go and try it. You will be glad you did.

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    You'll see different ages at different times - it really doesn't matter. Everyone who is there is very friendly and very young at heart.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default Ages at CSS

    is CN typoially younger than CSS?

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    I've actually heard that there is a younger age group at CN also. It almost seems that CN is the entry resort into the couples addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeymooners View Post
    What is the average age, The most common age... and do you see anybody in late 20's early 30's on the nude beach? We are in our late 20's and are interested in trying out the nude beach but don't wanna feel outta place. Any suggestions?
    In October when we were at CN there was this old, wrinkley nude guy on the beach......oh wait...that was me....
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    Everyone at the AN beach at CN is very nice and age ranges from high 20’s to 50+. I find the under 30 people tend to be shy and don’t want to stick around and socialize, while the more mature crowd tends to socialize at the AN beach bar. It is up to each individual couple. When you are all nekkid, age does not make that big a difference.

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    Captain Jim

    I think we were there at the same time. There nothing wrong with the Nifty Fity club. We're like a bottle of wine getting better with age only the lable is wrinkled.

    You'll find people of ALL ages enjoying the relaxing experience of the nude beach.

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    We just got home and the crowd there was about our age, mostly 40+ but the last day we talked to a great younger couple in the hot tub, so it really is all ages. No one really cares how old you are or what you look like-just go and have fun. Really, I am the most self conscious person on earth and I love the nude beach. The ocean is wonderful, the bartender is so nice (we had Amay) and the people are friendly. I highly recommend it.

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    Default CN

    My wife like to be topless and wear a thong on the bottom and was wondering if this is going to be a problem we were at breezes runaway any no one minded and there were some completely naked and some just topless and some men with bottoms on and off at times,we cover up when we go to the bar or to the bathroom..sounds like cti is more strict on the rules....any in put would be great...Thanks....April 28 to May 6th

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    netshepp...topless on the pier, all nude on the island. Without getting into a debate on why, those are the rules and there would be people on the island who would have issue with anyone leaving their bottoms on.

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    My husband & I spend almost our entire beach-time on the AN beach at CN. He's 49 and I'm 38 - not that it matters. We've always met the most amazing, relaxed, friendly people - of all ages - on the AN beach...after all, there's not much to be pretentious about when you're BARE-ing it all!

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    Netshepp, I prefer just a blindfold when I go to the bar or toilet. Hey, If I can't see you, you can't see me right?

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    Jilton...with the blindfold on, just make sure you don't confuse which is the bar and which is the toilet. That could be disastrous either way!

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    Oh man!!! That brings back a story . . . .

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    Jilton...maybe you can tell your story around the campfire at CTI.

    Speaking of blindfolds, one game you should never play on the nude beach is pin the tail on something.

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    Default Couples negril

    so i guess we will be getting a all around tan....see you at couples negril

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    So, I've never been to a nude beach before, but am I to understand its in poor taste to wander around blindfolded and find your way by "feel"?

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    I agree with one of the posts. There are a variety of ages at different times. The younger people are more shy and the more mature people are much more welcoming. We have come many couples in their early 30's to late
    50's. Age does not seem to get in the way of anything...everyone is friendly in a good and respectful way.My husband and I have only been to CSS and CTI and there have been a nice variety of ages. Hope this helps.

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    Default Older than dirt

    We we are both older than most here she is 65 and I am 62. So age does not matter. Been going to nude resorts for yrs

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    I am 41 and my wife is 30....18 days and counting!

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