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    Default I know tipping isnt allowed

    OK, we have been there 7 times, so you would think we know all the rules. We totally understand and respect the tipping rules for couples. We also understand and do bring school books, crayons, etc.

    However we now have two questions.

    1. Usually we leave the school supplies with the dront desk, but since we have been there so often we have some staff that we truelly consider friends and we know they have children. Is it possible for us to give these items directly to those staff members or not?

    2. We recently learned that chocolate is really expensive and loved in Jamacia. If we bring bags of chocolate bars can we hand them out to staff in the open as a gift or will they get in trouble?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Steve and Cindy

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    1. We left school supplies for our housekeeper when we found out that she had a little girl. No Problem.
    2. Chocolate is also no problem. I brought a big bag of peanut M&M's and gave them to watersports. There was a ruckus as they handed out all the little bags. You'd think I'd have just given them a winning lottery ticket. LOL.

    I also gave some yummy, smelly stuff (body wash, etc.) to one of the girls at the front desk, and she was THRILLED. Out in the open, etc.

    Have a great time.

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    Yes you can give school supplies to a specific Staff member.

    It's "accepted" but ( and don't know if this will be posted) some friends who work there have said that it has caused problems for some and it doesn't appear to be as "encouraged" at all....

    In any case, give them to the person directly, and mark the items clearly as a gift with their name and yours.

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