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    Default CN review 11/22-11/27 first timer

    WOW.......that is how I have to start. After having read the message board for months, I thought I knew what to expect but was still blown away by how wonderful this vacation was. I was glad for some of the info here as it was a big help, other stuff, I kind of had to realize I needed to form my own opinions when I did things.

    First of all....Couples lounge is GREAT way to start. Ride to the resort is definitely adventurous but we had a driver who was full of information. We got to the resort for check in. After looking at the map, I was going to send a note to request 6 or 9 but wasn't sure if our room category was in those buildings and decided to see what happened. We got 8 when we checked in and I was glad I hadn't said anything. We were on 3rd floor as we had requested at reservation (8301). Building 8 is GREAT...yes you do hear the road noise both in the room and on the balcony but that never seemed to bother either of us. I had tried to keep my expectations in line about the room after reading the message board. We aren't glamour and glitz people anyway but these rooms, IMO, are VERY nice. Clean, big, plenty of room and we had an oceanview deluxe. That set the pace for a terrific week.

    First night we had dinner at Heliconia and I tried something different....and didn't like it. That's ok, that is why you try, but it took me a couple days to realize, I could order something else. I ate what I had that night but we went back later and I stayed in my comfort zone and had a GREAT meal there.

    Ate at Lychee the second night and neither of us were very impressed but again, it could have been what we ordered. Cassava Terrace had Jerk Chicken the next night and it was terrific. Otaheite was really a special meal. I had beef tenderloin, DH had salmon and both were perfect.

    We enjoyed the Piano bar (OMAR makes a lot of great drinks)the beach bar was fun. All the food was wonderful. I have never taken a vacation that I wasn't ready to leave by the time it was time to go, but the goodbye bus came WAY too soon. It was so relaxing every day and you could do all kinds of activities or nothing. We did the glass bottom boat and loved that. Played on the paddle boats and other than that just relaxed at the resort. Had great weather.... a little rain every day but that was a good time for a nap.

    I was so excited about the trip that I thought I would be disappointed, but I don't see how that could ever happen. This is a staff that is truly dedicated to making sure you enjoy every minute of your vacation. The food is out of this world, the resort is beautiful from the rooms, to the restaurants, to the beach. Travis in entertainment was great on the Couples game show. My DH had a little too much fun that night, but Travis did well with him anyway.

    Almost immediately we decided we will be back next year. This vacation was like no other before and we will figure out a way to come up with the money. I will start watching the Wed specials (and probably have questions about that). Thanks to all of you on here who have helped answer all the questions so willingly and shared the knowledge. There was so much information that I got here to help us prior to leaving and once we got there. Now I can be one of those to share my knowledge with others.

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    So glad to read your review and find that you had the trip of a lifetime.....NOW you know

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    Just a beautiful, heartfelt review. So glad you got everything you wanted out of it.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Default Hi Cleversole

    Don't you just hate being home. Your review was great and very accurate. Keep in touch!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skpirtle View Post
    Don't you just hate being home. Your review was great and very accurate. Keep in touch!!
    I hated coming home and that is really unlike me. Usually I am ready to come home but I wanted to stay for a few more days. By the second day there we were already sure we are going back next year and going to stay longer than we did this time. I've checked prices and I know it's up, but it is worth the money. I have never had such a relaxing vacation. Didn't think it could live up to the pedastal that I had for Couples, but they lived up to it and exceeded everyone states on here. Couples really is amazing. We will stay in Had a great time with you and Kelvin there and glad we were able to meet up. Another great thing about this board!

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