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    Default CSA Review 11/20-11/27/09 - Incredible!!

    CSA was the perfect vacation and a wonderful 5th anniversary. The resort was perfect in every way. We were deciding between the “S” resort and Couples for a long time. We like the pictures of the rooms in the “S” resort. Looks very plush. However we couldn’t get what we wanted for the money we wanted to spend. The proximity to the beach, and the niceness of the beach, and the amenities just weren’t there with the “S” resort, unless you were willing to spend a lot of money, and it seemed you would get treated differently based on what room you booked. So this is what made us decide on Couples, and we are so glad we did. And we are so glad we chose CSA. This will probably become our yearly vacation spot.

    Couples Lounge – Again didn’t look as plush as the other lounges, but the people were so nice. We didn’t get to enjoy having any drinks there because there was a bus leaving as soon as we arrived and we were anxious to get to the resort. It looked very nice.

    Ride to the resort – is fine. A little long, but goes fast, and it’s a nice ride to see the countryside. The ride shouldn’t deter you from booking CSA. Enjoyable both ways.

    Check in - Welcome at the resort is just as people have written about. Men will pick out the luggage, and the ladies will go start the check in process. We had gotten our request and were so happy. They brought champagne and cold towels. We were then walked to our room. The person that assisted us and oriented us to the room was so nice.

    Credits – If you have gift shop credit or spa credit. Make your reservations to the spa, and bring credit with you. You will have to use it all at once. For the gift shop, just sign things to the room, and at the end, bring your credit to check out, and they will deduct this.

    The Room – I didn’t think we would have that wow factor when we walked in, because I knew the rooms were not that plush. We had a BFVS, cornier first floor room. When we walked in we were “WOW”. The room is special. Can’t describe it unless you have been there. BFVS was wonderful. We loved our room. Wonderful view and right on the beach. The grounds are beautiful, and the OFVS, and GFVS are the same rooms. So if money is an issue or you want a little more privacy, those locations are beautiful also. My husband had said when we go back any of the rooms would be fine with him. I would like BFVS again, but all the rooms truly look beautiful. The grounds are just so beautiful that It doesn’t matter. I loved walking out of the room and being on the beach. It is true that people do walk back and forth on the walkway in front of your room, and the corner room is a little less private, but it just wasn’t an issue for us. We loved it, and would request the same when we return. If you want more privacy, the middle rooms and upper floors are more private. Some of the OFVS and atrium rooms also had great views and all rooms are not far from the beach. The Great House rooms we didn’t really see. They are in the Great House building. There are plenty of guests that like those rooms too. Everyone has their own opinion. It just depends on what you want. The atrium rooms are really cool with the hammocks, and the old section is set really nice. We wanted a TV and minibar. Not that we used the TV that much, but at night we would watch it for a little while and the minibar is real nice in the room. They stock it every day. We had trouble with the TV. Fabian came and put a brand new TV in the room. We had trouble with our safe 3 times – was our fault all three times, and Fabain had to come back to the room. He was so nice about it. No problem, "I am here to assist you" is what he would say. Then the front desk would call and follow up with "is it okay now?" We also locked ourselves out once, because if you lock the front door from the inside, and then leave through the verandah (can’t return this way) you will lock yourself out. The verandahs were the nicest part of all the rooms. Just incredible. And the way they are set up, you have privacy from your next door neighbors. Our toilet got stuffed up twice, but they fixed it and are so nice about everything. You hate to bother them. There was an umbrella in the room. No bug spray as I read about, and no bathrobes. But if we were suppose to have something and we didn’t all we had to do was ask. We didn’t ask for those items.

    Orientation – My husband never does orientation or anything like that when we go to a resort, but I like to do this. As soon as we got to our room and got something to eat, the orientation was starting. I told him if he didn’t want to go, I would go. He said no, this is a “Couples” resort. We will go together. Thank you Couples. This is when we met Akeem from entertainment. The orientation was fun and entertaining. We love Akeem. He was great. Of course I knew all of the information from the message board, but my husband doesn’t read the board so it was good for him, and we just had so much fun. We also met other couples.

    Bugs – There are no bugs in the room. The room is kept very clean. There are ants on the verandah. If you drop a piece of food you will see them, but not a problem. Trust me. I hate bugs. I did get bit up quite a bit on my legs. We had bug spray. Don’t know why I didn’t put it on. My husband didn’t get bit. Also after the first day on both feet, I had 2 areas which looked like something bit me. I still don’t know what that was. Thought it was shoes, but I had all comfortable shoes. It did go away. It’s not a bad idea to bring off or something and use it, not like me.

    Grounds – So beautiful. Very spread out. A lot of walking, but after eating so much we loved the walking, and enjoying the grounds over and over. Lush tropical palm trees, and little ponds, and small little waterfalls. Just incredible. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes. If you think you will spend more time by the Palms or the Great House you can request to stay closer to those areas. We were on both sides equally, so either way we were walking, but enjoyed the walking so much and such a great way to see the grounds over and over.
    At one end of the resort is the Palms Restaurant, Lemongrass (upstairs to the Palms) and Seagrapes and the water sports. The other end of the resort has the Great House which includes 2 gift shops, the small casino, Feathers, the Aura Nightclub, Patois Patio, and Cabana Girll. The other gift shop is in the lobby.

    Beach Party – Friday night – beautiful set up. Great food. Loved it. They also had a bonfire one night. Very nice. Also private dinners set up every night. My husband said he would like to do that the next time. Very romantic. We also saw about 4 weddings while we were there.

    Restaurants –
    The Palms – is the main dining area. Every night they have entertainment and dancing which we love. Food is very good. My husband got a little tired of the food there, but I think it had to do with the way they handle the food as well. They touch the food with their hands. For example, whet they make waffles they will stack it up with their hands, or one day the lady said let me see if the pancakes are done and put her finger into them. And they would grab other ingredients with their hands. Don’t get me wrong we love everyone that worked in the restaurant, and they work so hard. I am just not sure what the health code dictates down there. We did talk to the food manager and he said he would look into this. I am sure our food is touched a lot in all places that we eat and we just don’t see it, and hopefully they do wash their hands. But when you see it, it does make you not enjoy it as much. I thought the food choices were very good.
    Seagrapes – one of our favorites. Great lunch there. We ate there about 3 times.
    Patois Patio – we ate there once for breakfast. Very good. We ate there once for dinner. Also good. We never did get to try lunch. I liked the Palms better.
    Lemon Grass – Food very good.
    Feathers – Food was great. Probably our favorite. My husband was real hot with the open air dining. that he was very comfortable here. He said next time he would like to eat there twice. Service incredible as well. Really the service was great in all the restaurants.
    Cabana Grill – nice touch. Open till 5 am. Great for late night snack.
    All and all. I thought the food was very good, and the service exceptional. I hope they get paid well. The entire staff. As they really work very hard.

    Bars – There are a few bars along the beach, and the Martini Bar across from Lemon Grass. Great selection of drinks.

    Beach – The beach is beautiful. Love that it is so long. We never thought it felt crowded as one person wrote. Its so spread out, and that was the nice thing that it never seemed crowded. They clean it every morning. There are plenty of lounge chairs with the great floaties, however unless you get up very early, its hard to secure a hut. My husband was putting our towels down on chairs, and a lady came running over saying it was hers. There was nothing down on the chair at all. But my husband just gave it to her. There is plenty of shade under the trees, but just be careful. I got hit very hard with a coconut. We loved being on the beach every day and going out on the floaties. Just incredible. They will spritz you with cool water, offer you fruit kabobs, and drinks. You have the green flags that you just put up in the sand when you want a drink. So comfortable and relaxing. And white powder like sand, clear blue blue water. Loved being out on the floaties every day. The two pools looked very nice. Just couldn't get off the beach. We did however use the jacuzzis. There are 4 or 5 throughout the resort.

    Activities – whoever wrote that their aren’t enough activities, I am not sure if they are talking about CSA. They have activities every hour all day long. We just couldn’t pull ourselves from the beach. Its very laid back during the day. Nobody bothers you to join anything. If you want to do activities, they are there. At night, is when we like to have fun. We loved dancing at the Palms and continued in the night club. For us, a perfect nightlife. I also read that there wasn’t much of a nightlife. We thought it was great. Not loud or rowdy, but fun and perfect. They had a different theme every night – Latin, retro, Caribbean, …. It was just great. They had a talent show one night. We are professional dancers and were invited to do the talent show, and we knew about it before we got there, so we brought costumes with us. We had a great time doing the show. The entertainment staff is so much fun – Akeem, Gareet, Richard, Clover, the manager. All were great. I know I am leaving someone out. Ultimate Chocolate that does the piano, and sing a longs is such a nice person. We loved him. We don’t sing so we really didn’t join in on that but we did get to meet him, and my husband said we have to spend time their next time. All the bartenders were great. We probably became most friendly with the bartenders in the night club as we were their every night, and most friendly with the restaurant staff in the Palms as we were their every night as well. Great, great people. We looked forward to seeing them every night.

    Water Sports activities - we stayed on the other end of the beach, so we didn’t do these activities as much as I would have liked. We did the hobbie cats and the paddle boats. The Hobie cats are great. So much fun. Next time I want to do wind surfing. We also did jet skiing with Cosman. He isn’t part of Couples, but you would think he is, as he has the same personality as the staff, and he could tell you all the activities that are included and what time,…. A real nice guy. $60 for 40 minutes on the jet ski. We did it and had a lot of fun.

    Excursions – The only thing we did was the Catamaran. It was nice, although we thought they would let us out by Ricks Café and they didn’t. Still had fun. Next time I think we will do the shopping and the glass bottom boat. Next time maybe we will see more of Jamaica. We just couldn’t drag ourselves away from the resort.

    Safety – The resort is so safe. You feel so safe there. Security is great. When we did jet skiing, Cosmon brought us over to security and they wrote our name and room number down. Also when we took a walk along the beach and left the resort, security took our name and room number down We had gone out to the street through Margaritaiville. And then walked along the street, went into a little store where we bought a couple of things, and then went to the Sports Complex from there. Well security in front knew that we left the resort and didn’t come back the same way. When we came out of the Sports Complex, they told us that. They really keep tabs on you. And then Clover told us to stay on the resort and not walk the streets. Although, we felt very safe. Getting back to the resort, we left our door unlocked by accident a couple of times, and left cameras, DVD players,…. out in the open. No problem. No one is going to take anything. They treat you like you are family. And everyone gets treated well. Once when jogging, my husband was a little ahead of me, and we were off resort property. There were 2 ladies in the water, one sitting down, and the other one saying Miss, we need your assistance. I guess to help get the other lady up. I just felt that something wasn’t right, so I just kept walking. I hope she really didn’t need help.

    The people – the staff as well as the other couples that go to the resort are such great people. So much fun with everyone. Every night we looked forward to seeing the friendly staff at the restaurants and the clubs. And hanging with the other Couples we met. Just an incredible place.

    Sports Complex – WOW! Incredible. Have never seen anything like this at a resort. The equipment (open air – so go early), the courts, lap pool, juice bar, just incredible. Inspiring. I don’t always like to work out when away, but this just inspires you. Also the beach for power walks or jogging, and all the walking you will do at the resort. You don’t have to feel guilty when you eat too much.

    Casino – small. Just right. Not big enough that I have to worry about my husband spending hours in there, but big enough for us both to have some fun. That would be our last stop every night before returning to our room.

    Internet room- great room to check your email if you need to or get on the internet.

    Cats – There are about 5 cats on property. Please if you don’t like cats and you see them, don’t do anything to harm them. Chances are you won’t even see them. They are more scared of you. On the other hand, they know if you love cats as we do. We fed them every day. We love them. I hope management will never do anything to harm them. They don’t bother anyone. Just like the crabs, lizards and other wildlife you will see, except they are just a bit sweeter and more loving. If you see them, and you love cats please feed them. We called them and they would come to us and follow us. Trust me if you don’t like them, they will come no where near you.

    Trading Places – We had signed up for Romance rewards so did the trading places with CN. We were the only couple to go that day. We had breakfast there, and walked around and then took a cab right back to Paradise. I was researching both resorts, and am so glad we chose CSA. Now there are plenty of people who like CN too. It depends on what you like. What we didn’t like about CN – felt very congested. Everything very close together. Now if you don’t like to do a lot of walking that is good. Also, the rooms didn’t seem as nice. Beach looked good. Beautiful also. Just congested.

    Check out- Originally our flight was at 2:43. They had us leaving room at 9am, and on a bus at 10am, which was more then 4 hours, so a little upset over that. We had to wait until midnight to call the airlines to see if we could go on the later flight for $40 pp. We were able to, so they told me to come to front desk to fill out new paper work if that happened. We were in new section, so lobby not right near us. I walked over, as my husband was starting to pack, and I assured him I would be fine. I get there and tell the gentlemen sitting at the front desk. He said I would need flight number. I said I am all the way at the other end of the resort. He didn’t offer to look it up on the computer. I think he would have access to the internet. It was almost 2am now. I gave him a number I thought it was, and luckily I was right. I was upset he was going to make me walk all the way back to the internet room by myself. Then he said we would have to be out of the room by 11am. I think that is standard. I did beg him for 12 noon. We had done the talent show that night, and really we did it as if we were doing a regular performance, so it took time to get ready, and we were running a little behind, so the extra hour really helped us the following morning. He did accommodate us in the end. Which I am so thankful for. We did get on a 1pm bus, which was 4 hours before our now 5pm flight.

    We had wanted to try CSS next year, but I think we found our home in paradise and will return to CSA every year. I will be counting down the days unit we return. Just loved it. It was perfect in every way. We are now one of the many couples hooked on Couples. INCREDIBLE. Can’t say enough good things about this resort. I think it would be impossible to find another resort that could ever live up to the quality of Couples. We love you CSA!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the great and very detailed review. Glad you had fun...133 days for us. Can't Wait.

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    Thank you for the review. It just makes me more excited for my weddingmoon in December!

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    WOW! Amazing and thorough review. Kev and I love CSA and haven't tried another Couples resort yet. Going back for 3rd time next month. Miss it terribly.

    Did you say you didn't go snorkeling? You have to try that next time. It's an amazing experience. Scuba I'm still undecided about trying but who knows.

    Glad to hear you loved CSA as much as we do.

    Kevin & Angie

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    WOW, what a detailed review!! This review will be very helpful to those wanting to know about CSA. Thank you so much for letting us know how it went for you.

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