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    We will be visiting Couples in January, I have seen some posts about topless and have a few questions, since CN beach is about 2 miles long can you walk the waters edge toples the length of the beach?

    Where does the beach lead to, I understand Negril is 7 miles long does CN beach give you access to walk as far as you wish on the beach, can ou walk the entire beach all 7 miles if you wish?

    What resorts are on either side of CN?

    I understand CSA is near Negril is it walkable from CN?

    Last question can you walk or go topless on the rest of negril's beach once you leave the CN beach?

    Thanks for any info

    Spike (other half of Columbo and Spike)

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    Although the beach at Negril is 7 miles ling, CN and CSA are on differnt bays. There is a rocky point with high cliffs in between the resorts, so you cannot walk from CN to CSA along the ocean. CSA is on a 5 mile beach and CN is on a 2 mile beach. I have seen people from other resorts walk through CN next to the ocean topless, so I would think you can walk topless all the way.
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