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    crabracers Guest

    Default I have the answer

    And the question is: What do I do about all the words and symbols that come up when I try to write a thread?

    The answer is in the upper right hand corner of this message. the square with two A in it. When you put the cursor over it, is says,
    "switch editor mode" When you click it, you will notice a solid black line that will appear on the left side of the message box, and also at the top of the message box.
    When the line is there, you are able to change font, color, size.

    It took me a while too.


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    Excellent tutorial Richie. Hopefully this will help a lot of people having issues.
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    Thank you. Appreciate the people who take the time to figure this stuff out and post.

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    You can change the default view in the UserCP. Under Edit Options, chane the selectio in the Message Editor Interface box.

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    I'm confused. But that's the way I always am. I'll try again.

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    I got it, just have to keep trying. Thank you Crabracers.

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    Do you have to do this every time?

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    crabracers Guest


    So far, each time I make an entry, I have to remember to change the screen.. This may get corrected later on. No big deal


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    never mind, I found it. lol

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    Just wanted to see if this post makes it to the board. I put one up yesterday and have not seen it yet. Experimenting
    Couples Swept away

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    You made it Skippy!

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    whoo hooName:  CSA Sunset 1.jpg
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    just trying out the NEW message board, hoping I figured it out ok

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    test test

    Thank you. I think it worked.

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    Skippy, glad to see you here. now all you have to do is send Lucy to help Tommywommy get the hang of the new message board. i know he misses her.


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    Yeah, I think I figured it out!!!

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    Ok, I had to try it also! Too cool

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    thanks for the tip!

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