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    Everyday that we get closer to our trip to CSA work gets longer and harder to make it through. Just the other day I was sitting at work and I realized that I was daydreaming that the lines in the carpet were waves on the ocean.... I get up in the morning and think Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica. This will be my first trip, I cant imagine how bad the waiting must get for repeaters.

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    We wear that carpet out! 132 days to go.

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    I'm counting the days to Jamaica too! My husband and I went to CSS last year for our 25th, and absolutely fell in love with the place, as well as falling in love all over again too. We are going to CTI in March to celebrate my recovery from Breast Cancer this year. Can't wait!

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    Oh the waiting is miserable especially when it gets closer and closer. We lave Dec. 18th and it's driving us crazy!

    Kevin & Angie

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    65 days till we return to CSA!!!!

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    116 days left and counting....weirdhow time flies though, once you arrive....our 9 days at CN will be a blink

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    Today is my 50th birthday. Hubby and I were scheduled to be at CSS. However, an hour before we were to be picked up for the airport I was rushed to the hospital.

    I'm hoping to be back to normal so we can return to CSS in March.

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    My husband and I have 124 days to go til CN!! The waiting can be fun, I try to get back in shape which is always a challenge during the holidays. Thinking about sitting on the beach at CN,or walking towards the office of nature buying things from Cheap Charlie, these things keep me motivated to get back in shape during and after the holidays!!!!!
    One Love,

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    I always say:

    It's better looking at our vacation from the front and not the rear

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    We just hit 199 days today!! After spending the holiday with my in-laws yesterday it makes the wait that much harder!!! We have been to CSA once on our honeymoon. We return to CSS for our 5 year anniversary in June.

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    We can't go until 2011! At least we have lots of time to save for our trip.

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