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    Default wow 12 hours till we leave on our first trip to CSA

    cant believe were going booked this a long time ago..we never been to Jamicia dont really know what to expect but all i know is that i am about to get married to the woman of my so excited!!see you all very soon!!!!

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    Congratulations! I am right behind you. Well, okay, more like a week after you, but it's single digits! Enjoy the wedding. Enjoy the honeymoon. And, most importantly, enjoy the marriage.

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    Have a wonderful trip!!!

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    thanks all....

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    Yeah for you! I'm so excited for you guys. You are gonna love CSA. Make sure to go the Martini Bar and try snorkeling. It's cool. Have a blast. CSA ROCKS!

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    Well, the good news is that the OP has now left for CSA and may be even now enjoying a drink, sun and sand. The bad news is that some other couple had to return home today.

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