The day finally came! We have arrived! Just a quick note to share how enthused I am about our future few days. We arrived, day seemed overcast, glad it was a travel day. The welcome champagne and cold towel was very appreciated. We just had enough time to check into our room, do a quick change, allowing for some few minutes to sit on the balcony overlooking the sea and pool, taking in all the beauty. Our dinner in Bayside was phenominal. This opinion is based upon my own educated palette, being a frustrated cook, and having appreciated the finest of dining in the big cities of LA, NYC, Vegas as well as having sailed on many of the finest ships afloat. I had the great honor of chatting with the chef who came into the restaurant just to say hello! Her fusion of Thailand and Asian cuisines is brilliant. Her talent for blending the flavors and textures is truly a talent! K - Just wanted to do my two cents of being able to finally share - -- and so far - it is all 100% favorably impressed!!