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    Default Benson Wedding - CN 11/18/09

    Our wedding was amazing and beyond my expectations. Giselle is a God send and CN is gorgeous. Please enjoy the unofficial pics from our mothers...I'll post the professional ones in a few months.

    --Keesh & Dave

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    Congratulations. You both looks so happy love your bouquet ! was it an upgrade?

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    Love your dress! Congrats!

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    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! We are getting married at CN, May 12, 2010! I cannot wait!!

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    Can I ask you what kind of cake you had? It was beautiful! I'm adding it to my list of things I want for May 2010!

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    Thank you everyone!! It was honestly perfect! I was in another world that nothing could have bothered me...just being able to call Dave my husband is truly the greatest gift I've ever received. I think we laughed through any of the small errors..

    Chanelgirl - I knew I wanted Calla Lilies and the price quoted to me in Jamaica was around $300. So I purchased two bouquets of real touch calla lilies instead from and made my bouquet. I love real flowers, but they looked and felt real and I was able to bring them home.

    Donna&Jason - thanks!! I fell in love with the dress when I first saw it.

    Bluemoon - We had the chocolate cake and I asked Giselle to add flowers in our color scheme. I also gave them ribbon and a cake topper for them to add to it.

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    Giselle was great to work with...she makes you feel as if there is nothing to worry about. You guys look so happy as you should on your special day...congrats!!

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    Default Professional wedding pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Lashon Christopher View Post
    Our wedding was amazing and beyond my expectations. Giselle is a God send and CN is gorgeous. Please enjoy the unofficial pics from our mothers...I'll post the professional ones in a few months.

    --Keesh & Dave
    Finally got around to creating an album for our professional pictures:

    LOVED out photographer!!!!: RS from WPA -

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    Thank you so much for posting your pics...loved them!!! You two look incredibly happy. I had been trying to decide between an intimate wedding at home or just the two of us in JA. Your pics made the decision for us easier. I was so thrilled to see pics of an African American couple. Loved the picture of the two of you jumpinng the broom...loved the peacock feathers and other personal touches you added. Loved the dress...loved everything! How did you travel with the broom and how long did you book the photographer for? Thanks in advance!

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    Your pictures are beautiful!! The photographer did a great job of capturing the love you two have for each other. Congrats!

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    Great pictures thanks for sharing, you look so happy and beautiful

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    Default Benson Wedding - CN 11/18/09

    Your photos are beautiful! Congratulations!

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    Lashon, your pics are beautiful. Congrats.

    Gapeach, you will not regret a destination wedding at Couples. We were married Oct 08 at CSA and LOVED it. We had A LOT of fun and save a TON of money.

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    Thx r&cford...ddo you have any additional tops/tibits?

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    I am using the same photographer in 4 days! How long did it take to get your pictures back?

    Is RS a man or a woman? Is it just the photographer or other employees as well? Anything else you could tell me about the photographer would be great.

    Love your pictures, as fun to look at other's photos

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    Thanks everyone!! So sorry it took me so long to respond. I wonder if there is a way to link this message board to my e-mail so I know when new messages arrive.

    GAPEACH, I purchased a smaller broom from the store so that it would fit the long way in my large suitcase. We had no trouble taking it into Jamaica, but US customs wanted to confiscate it on the way back (who knows why, but I wasn't giving up my wedding broom). So it may be helpful to save your US receipt. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can be reached at

    Claerin, Congrats on your wedding. I'm sure you know by now that RS is a man ;-)He really was great to work with and we had our picture cd back within a few weeks. They send you two cd's in case you lose one and a release form to give to photo shops to show that you have the rights to the prints for replication.

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