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    Default CSS pool are pics?

    I am planning a trip to either CTI or CSS, I've read reviews about both and it is a neck and neck tie. The one thing holding me back from CSS is I have not found any good pic's of the pool/hot tube area's at CSS.

    Other poster's have attached pic's of the CTI pool area.

    So if anyone has some pic's of CSS could you please post them on the message board or if you prefer to send them directly let me.


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    There are 4 pools at CSS, one near the Lobby, the Mineral Pool, the main pool with swim up bar and the pool at Sunset Beach with a waterfall and cave live grotto. There is a hot tub up near the Mineral Pool, hidden. There is the main hot tub near the main pool, and one at Sunset Beach. Here is one of the Mineral Pool and Main pool.
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