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    Default CTI Spa, golfing, and cash question

    We will be at CTI in less than two weeks... Yay!!!

    I have a couple of questions...

    We are arriving on Saturday. We would like to book a massage/facial for Sunday. Are there any big, one time events that we would miss by doing a half day spa thing? I swear that I had read somewhere that there is some sort of orientation on Sunday...

    My husband might do golf... How much should he tip the caddy?

    and finally...

    We plan on buying a few small souvenirs while we are there... We also might do some stuff that requires tipping (ex., the various free off-resort activities offered by Couples). How much cash should we bring?


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    Hey lucky lady!!! Sunday is typically a slower day at the resort, so planning a half day spa day sounds great. Tipping the caddy for golf, my DH usually does $10.00. As far as cash for the rest of it. We take $300.00 in cash, and we tip, buy souvenirs, and do the horseback riding and cat cruise, plus tip the spa employees, and we always bring home money.

    *Take small bills only, nothing over a $20.00. Lots of singles

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