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    Default Airport Question

    This is the first time my wife and I have been out of the country so since Couples has a lounge at the airport what do we do when we get off the plane? Do we go straight to the baggage claim or do we go to the Couples lounge to check in or something? How do we make sure we do not miss the shuttle to Couples?
    So anyways hopefully one of you guys could finish this line.

    You get off the plane and . . .

    Any direction you can give us we would greatly appreciate it.

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    You get off the plane and follow the crowd through passport control. Next, you get your luggage and follow the crowd through Customs. When you clear Customs you will be met by several people offering you taxis or asking "which resort?" Just say, "Couples" and they will point toward the Couples Lounge - it's impossible to miss. At the Couples Lounge, you will be offered a cold Red Stripe, a clean restroom, and comfortable lounge. You will be asked which of the Couples resorts you are going to and within a few minutes, you will be in a minivan on your way to paradise.

    It couldn't be any easier if they tried.
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    Once you get off the plane, simply follow everyone else to baggage claim. Once you get your luggage, you will go through customs and give them the form you filled out on the plane (make sure it is filled out completely before you arrive - the form is pretty self-explanatory and the flight attendants will help you if needed). Then once you pass through customs, you will seek out the couples lounge - it's not hard to find. From there someone will greet you and you simply tell them what couples resort you are going to and they will tag your luggage. From there, you proceed to the bar and get a cold, refreshing Red Stripe and RELAX!!!

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    As you exit the customs area, there will be people asking you were you are going, just tell them "Couples". They will tell you that the lounge is to the left. So just go left and you will see the lounge. It's very nice. Check in and they will take care of you from there. You may have someone ask if you need help getting your bags to the lounge, if you don't, then just move along. You don't have to get their help. They will only get you as far as the lounge, then someone else will take over. Each person that "helps" you with your bags after customs, will expect a tip (except the Couples staff, we usually plan on $1 per bag.

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    You have to go to baggae claim first. You clear immigration when you get off the plane. Go to baggage claim and get your luggage, then clear customs. Once you clear customs you go to the Couples lounge, check in, have a Red Stripe and head to your resort.

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    First when you get off the plane you will go through Immigration, then you will proceed to the baggage claim area and through customs. Now just go down the hall and around to the left you will see the Couples Lounge. Just give them your names and relax. Couples will take care of everything from here. Your trip in paradise has begun.
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    You go through customs, then baggage claims, then you go through a final checkpoint (all of it is pretty quick). Then, when you leave that area, you go to the Couples lounge.

    My advice to you is to move as quickly off the plain and into customs as possible. The lines can get a bit long depending how many planes are landing around the time as yours.

    The shuttle won't leave without you, so no worries either way. The quicker you get through customs, though, the more time you have to enjoy a few Red Stripes at the lounge.

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    You get off the plane and follow the hallways/signs to immigration and customs (everyone will be going in the same direction). Once there you will stand in line to go through immigration (make sure to have your forms completely filled out and signed - including the back. Once you go through immigration you will go through a short hallway that will open up into the luggage area. Claim your luggage and you will see the area for customs (it's all in the same area). GO through customs and go to the left and you will come into a large room with a bunch of different lounges for the different resorts. Look immediately to your left and you will see the Couples lounge. Proceed there - they will take your bags and get you checked in. Have a Red Stripe and enjoy!!!

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    We never took any pictures of the good ole days when the airport had rusty tin roofs and you walked across the tarmack from the plane to the terminal in the nice humid air that greets you.

    Anyone have any pictures of those gone by days?

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    Yep, I agree, you just follow the group of people to get your bags and go through Customs. (OK, Customs was the one part that was a bit stressful for me, seems we did not have that little declaration paper that they give you on the plane just before landing filled out completely. Still it was fairly quick.)Then they direct you where to go from there and in my case it was the Couples Lounge. It was great! I could tell my husband was already a little stressed behind the plane ride and Customs, but I saw his face LIGHT up and his spirits lift when we were warmly welcomed at the Couples Lounge. Almost felt like "Celebrities"!

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    Be sure to bring pens to fill out your immigration/customs forms when you arrive. Tip the baggage handlers who will take your bags from the Couples Lounge a buck or two per bag. And tip the shuttle driver too, if you are happy with his service.
    They are not Couples employees.

    Enjoy your trip.

    I was just wondering, has anyone ever had a female shuttle driver ?

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    Just to clarify a bit, your first stop is Immigration. Make sure your forms are filled out on the plane, otherwise they will stop you before you get into the immigration line. Then you pick up your bags and go through Customs. Then the Couples Lounge and paradise!

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    Default Quick ? from complete novice

    Can you get the immigration forms some time before you are on the plane? It would make sense to have them filled out before your trip. One less thing to stress you out while travelling.

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    So, CSS will know that we're booked there and on flight # whatever, and will be there to get us and not leave without us?

    We booked our trip thru a TA, and she wasnt 100% sure how to let Couples know our info...

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    Do not worry about missing a shuttle to the resort. They have many buses ready and waiting for each new group of couples. i am amazed at how well this is all run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskerhoney View Post
    Can you get the immigration forms some time before you are on the plane? It would make sense to have them filled out before your trip. One less thing to stress you out while travelling.
    I don't think they'll give you the forms too early on the plane. They gave 'em out to us about an hour before we landed and they were a little confusing in parts with some of the wording. My wife actually messed up her first form. Take your time in filling them out and ask questions. There aren't many extra forms, at least there weren't on our flight.

    Don't sweat it too much, though. Going through immigration and customs was really fast.

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    Default Easy

    Just came back from CSA and it was REALLY easy going into Jamaica. When you get off plane you can't really GO anywhere else but to immigration hahaha, they don't let you, follow the crowd and signs. They give you the forms on the flight about 30 minutes or so before. Then after immigration which only took us maybe 15 minutes top to go through they send you to get your bags which by that time were on the belt. Then you can only go one way to customs, took another 15 minutes. After that you are HOME. Look for couples which is VERY clear where to go, you go in give name and they take your bags, and sit down or go to bathroom and have a beer. It was so easy it was just smooth. Don't worry!

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    I don't think you can get the customs form beforehand. They give them to you well before the descent so you have plenty of time to fill them out. Here's a tip though: When the flight attendant tells you it's one form per family (family being those who share a last name), take two anyway and fill one out for each of you. Jamaica has changed the rule and it's now on per person because they've combined the immigration and customs form into one. For some reason, this hasn't trickled down to the airlines. It's not a big deal if you only fill one out, but once you arrive in immigration they will tell you to fill out two before you get in line. This happened on our last 2 trips.

    Then, after you've done what everyone above has said (de-plane, immigration, baggage, customs....look for this and you're home free! You can't miss it!
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    Just wanted to add:
    it's a LONG walk to immigration once you leave the plane. Just follow the signs. Although maybe this depends on which airline you're using. Before the remodel, it seemed a lot closer.

    And for immigration forms, make sure you fill out the top part, then skip a section in the middle, and then there's a part at the bottom to be filled out also. And if I remember correctly, it's one immigration form for each person. If you're married you only have to fill out one customs declaration form. Someone at the start of the immigration line will check your forms before you enter and if it's not filled out all the way they will show you what to fill out before you get in line.

    Then, don't lose the paper they give you back. You will need this to exit the country at the end of your vacation.

    Have a great time!

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    The flight attendants hand out the forms. You can fill them out on the plane before you land.
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    Here are some pictures of the "old" Sangster International from 2002.

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    A word of advice. Our first trip to Couples is upcoming, but we have been to Jamaica several times. As someone mentioned earlier it is a bit of a walk to immigration, so stop and use the restroom halfway there. The immigration line can get long.

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    Risi - if your travel agent doesn't know how to let Couples know what flight you're on, you need to get a new travel agent.

    You can easily take care of this yourself by registering for Romance Rewards, and then do the pre-checkin. When you fill out the pre-checkin form, it asks you for your flight information.

    And please don't worry about the shuttles being there for you. They have a variety of transportation options. We have rode to CSA and CSS in both a large bus and a small van. Others have been sent in regular taxis. They will get you there.

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    Default Huskerhoney

    Quote Originally Posted by huskerhoney View Post
    Can you get the immigration forms some time before you are on the plane? It would make sense to have them filled out before your trip. One less thing to stress you out while travelling.
    You can't get the form before you go as far as I know. It's not a big deal really - just a card to fill out front & back - only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. You'll just need a pen - they NEVER have any on the plane so take one with you - & your passport & flight info (arriving & departing). Make sure to sign & date them & fill out both sides no matter what they tell you on the plane.

    You'll also have to fill out a form on the plane when coming home before you arrive at your first stop in the US. Make sure to keep receipts for any purchases that you need to declare handy.

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