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    Default Our photos from DIGITAL MEMORIES - DIANA & RICHARD

    We were married at CSS on November 18, 2009, and cannot say enough about Diana and Richard! They are amazing!!!! We ended up with over 300 photos and love them all! Our video was wonderful, too! We are in awe of how wonderful our pictures turned out. And our friends and families cannot believe how awesome our pictures are. They are, hands down, the best photographers, in our opinions. They're personable, friendly, relaxed, and they know what they're doing. They take every picture possible, in every place possible. I am attaching a link to my photos for others to see. If you're thinking of hiring a photographer, check them out. They're reasonable, too. I am so happy that we used Digital Memories!

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    Congratulations! your pictures are beautiful! you both look very happy luv your cake, was it an upgrade? it is so different.

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    Your pictures are awesome!! I love the lime cake and all of the colors in your bouquet. They all looked good together. We used Diana and Richard in June. They are absolutely wonderful and they did an amazing job of capturing your day. May you and your husband have many more happy days.

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    Thank you for posting your beautiful photos. Your cake is the most beautiful one I've seen and I would appreciate details--twelve days until our vow renewal.

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    Thank you both...we were extremely pleased with the way everything turned out! Chanelgirl...our cake was not an upgrade, just what they made was really nice!

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    Your pics are beautiful! They are getting me excited for my wedding in 5 days at CSS! hope my day is as pretty as yours was

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    Thank you so very much, Wendy and Dan! You will LOVE it and your wedding will be nothing but beautiful...CSS is wonderful, and Diana and Richard are amazing! Congratulations!!!

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    Congrats on your recent wedding! We are getting married on 8/7/10 at CSA. I am looking at dresses now and was wondering if you had trouble with yours or thought it was too long? I love the look of a sweep train, I am just worried about the sand.

    Thanks for the advice!!!

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    Beautiful pictures. I am also getting married at CSS but not until July 2011

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    Your pictures are beautiful! We're going to CSS to be married on March 1, so I've been looking at pictures all over this board recently. As I looked at yours today, I thought, "Hmmm, the groom looks familiar..." and my fiance & I realized that we went to elementary school with Greg!!!! It's been well over 20 years since I've laid eyes on him! LOL! We'd love to hear from you...Dave used to play baseball with Greg, too -- the two of us were grinning like idiots as we realized what a small world it is!

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    Beautiful pictures!! I am getting married there in June! I can't wait! Can you please tell me how to get in contact with Diana & Richard?

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    here is her email

    she did our photos too

    and here are the photos

    you will LOVE her and Richard...she is my friend for life..mention Julio and Mary..she will remember I gave her my bouquet and wedding gown



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