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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxon9032 View Post
    It's a good thing when the only gripes are about the beverage selection at the airport lounge.

    (And now sounding like an old-timer...) I remember when they didn't even have lounges in the airport. They just had a desk that you would report to. Then you stood in a corner and waited for your shuttle.
    And the ride to the resort was in a hurricane, uphill... both ways.

    Remember when they used to bring the stairs out to the planes? That airport has come a long way, and I think the arrival lounge is pretty fantastic. Used to be a string of tables. And the fact that there is a nice bathroom there is also a big plus. I can remember my first time over at the little ancillary airport for the shuttle thinking how awful that bathroom was.

    Smile when you get there, the airport is really quite nice, and you can booze it up all you like at the resort.

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    "I can't wait to have a Ting! My sis brought us back 2 bottles when they were in Jamaica in April! AHHH!!! "

    Izzay and Deb, We buy TING in the States - not sure where you live??

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    On our arrival at the Couples Lounge in Mar of this year('09)...they DID offer Ting, as well as water and Red Stripe/RS light...wonder what the confusion is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angienkevin View Post
    This might make you happy in regards to bringing fruits and other foods with you

    I was actually researching tonight because in the blogging world I have seen a ton of food bloggers that fly with homemade foods (sandwiches, fruits, veggies, etc.) and I wanted to make sure it was OK because I want to eat healthier foods than airport/airline junk. Hope this helps!



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    I don't think anyone is really complaining or whining about anything, just offering suggestions. Of course we're just happy to be there, just chiming in on suggestions that's all.

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    WandA, thanks for the info. We haven't seen it in South Dakota. Probably hasn't made it that far north yet!!

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