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    Default October 12 - October 18

    Now that we have a new board...better strike up the old thread! We will be enjoying our first trip to CSA October 12 - October 18.

    Who else will we see at the beach?

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    Default We'll be there

    We'll be there Oct 10-17. There will be 4 of us. We're looking for another 1 or 2 couples to share some off site excursions with us. Anyone interested?

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    Default October 17-22

    You might see us before you leave!

    We will be there from Sunday, October 18 - Thursday, October 22... celebrating my fiance's 40th birthday on October 19. This will be our second trip to CSA... so excited...only 104 more days to go!

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    We will be there 10/10-10/17 for our second trip to CSA - we are bringing 2 newbies with us for their 15-yr anniversary/honeymoon so we are really excited!!! They will be doing some offshore excursions I would imagine - they might be interested. Please let me know which ones you are doing and I will talk to them about going with you!!!

    If nothing else - meet us at the Bamboo bar on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon for some drinks!!!

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    Default 10/10 through 10/17

    My fiance and I will be there October 11 - October 17 for our honeymoon! We can't wait and looking forward to some R & R! We read the message board everyday! I'm a 30 year old banker and he is a 38 year old business partner. We are coming from SC! What about everyone else?

    (1/2 of Jen and Ken)

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    My wife and I will be there from 10/10 through 10/17. First time to Couples....We'll probably be diving most days. Looking forward to meeting some new freinds. See you there..Ken and Cyn

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    Much anticipated honeymoon awaits us (10/12 - 10/17). Sounds like some renovations will be done by the time we order our first Red Stripe! Sweeeeeeet! CSA, we will be there soon!


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    We will be there from Oct 17-24.... First time for us.. be gentle.. Looking for others to have fun with while we are there

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    One 30-something and one soon to be 30-something. This will be our first time to Jamaica.

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    Default First timers

    Mike and I shall be at CSA for our first visit from 3 - 17 October. Looking forward to meeting you.

    Angie + Mike

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    28 Days and Counting!

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    This is a great thread...hubby & I will be at CSA on Oct. 16-19. Would be great if we could set a specific meeting place and time for each day (afternoon & evening?) where we can get together to say hello as there will be so much to do that not all will be able to make it at a certain time. Just a thought....

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    My husband and I will be there Oct 13-20th. We have been to CN twice and CSS once. This will be our first time to CSA. I will be celebrating my 30th on the 18th. Look forward to meeting many over a cocktail in the pool.

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    tick-tock, tick-tock. big weekend is ahead of us with a relaxing week to follow. we are soon on our way!

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    Default Second trip to CSA

    Husband and I are returning to CSA for 2nd time, October 10-17. Last time was in August so hope October weather is nice. He likes tennis and I like scuba. Loved the piano bar night and the many classes: martinis, hat making, massage, etc. Look forward to meeting new cool people and relaxing. See you soon!
    Ruby and Burak

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    Can't wait, can't wait!!!
    Kat & Patrick

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    Eric + Laura

    ps pics to come soon....

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