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    Default Do You Claim Meds on Custom Forms

    Somewhere on this board someone had posted a copy of the form that you need to complete on the plane in order to present to Customs when you land in Jamaica. One of the questions asks about bringing in "pharmaceuticals." My husband is on cholesterol and allergy meds and I take something to help with anxiety of flying -- do we need to check yes to this question because of those meds or do they not count? Checking yes directs us to another line at Customs and I'm not sure what that entails. Any help? Thanks again. We arrive at CSA on Saturday!!!

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    The "pharmaceuticals" they are asking for I believe is for resale. Anything that is strictly for personal use does not have to be declared.

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    My hubby is on a boatlaod of meds and have never claimed them, so I wouldn't be too concerned with them. They tend to pass them over with a quick glance.

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    Check "No" and be sure to have them in their original prescription or OTC container.

    You also want to make sure you pack them in your carry-on.

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    We have never in 9 trips claimed "meds". We do keep all in the containers they come in. We only take enough for our vacation plus a couple extra in case one goes down the drain. We pack meds in the carry ons and I use a separate quart bag to put them in. One year I had liquid allergy medicine and it was separate from the other 'liquids' in a med bag and I had no problems.

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    NO NO NO NO!!! You will be @ customs forever! Put them in your carry-on.

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    Default they are asking about for resale!

    The form is asking about medications for resale, not personal use. I agree with the other posts--always pack in your carry on/personal item, not in the carry-on that sometimes gets "bumped" into under the plane because the overheads are full. I had a friend who forgot her cell phone was tucked into the outer pocket of her carry-on.... you're right--what cell phone?? It was gone when she landed.

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