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Thread: "jungle" at CTI

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    Default "jungle" at CTI

    Hi All,

    My husband and I were at CTI 3 years ago and loved the jungle with the private hot tubs. Is it still there after the renovation?


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    The jungle is still there but no more hot tubs.. sadly they are gone. There are two hot tubs near the main pool and then 2 more at the new spa, they are available for use are 5 or 6pm... whenever the spa closes.

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    No, but go to the new spa area and you will find hot tubs and the Buddah pool. You can still use these at night and they are in the old junglr area.

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    The"Jungle" hottubs are gone. There is a beautiful new spa in that area with 2 hot tubes and a mineral pool. You can go there at night if you wish, but it's not so private.

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    Apparently not the jungle.....but there are hot tubs by the new spa that you may use....which is where the jungle tubs used to be....if I'm correct.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. Does anyone if the spa hot tubs be used at night when the spa is not open?


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    You are welcome to use the spa hot tubs at night. One is a bit more secluded than the other but both are available as is the Buddha pool.

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