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    Default CTI golf question....

    ...from someone who knows nothing about golf

    Is there a driving range? And if so, can you go and just hit some balls without playing 9 or 18?

    As many time as we've been to CTI, we've never played golf. But a friend of ours, who will be newbies with us this year, asked and we had no idea what the answer was.

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    The golf course that people from both CTI and CSS play does have a small driving range, not big enough to hit drivers on but can hit short and medium irons. That probably menas nothing to you, but if friend is a golfer, they will understand. I'm sure a person could just go and hit balls on the range and not play the course, but I beleive the shuttle from the resort only goes two times a day. It takes the morning golfers early and then returns in the early afternoon to pickup the morning golfers and drop off afternoon players, and then a third trip to pickup the afternoon group. So your friend would either have to stay the 4 - 5 hours between shuttle runs or pay for a cab for one leg of the trip.

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    Hi another quick golf question... We read that you have to have a caddie and that it is a nominal fee. What is that fee?????

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    Yes a caddy is mandatory and I believe the fee is $14 per person.

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    Thanks szap!

    Driveinduo - This is from the FAQ section of the message board. Are you staying at CTI or CSS? If not, here's the link for the CN/CSA golf info:

    Couples Tower Isle & Couples Sans Souci:
    Upton Golf and Country Club

    Upton Golf and Country Club in Oho Rios, Jamaica, is a formidable test characterized by narrow fairways and minuscule, drop-off greens. A par-71 18-hole layout measuring 6502 yards, it stretches out over a verdant, rolling landscape with sweeping views of sparkling sea and mountains cloaked in dense vegetation.

    While there are no major forced carries and few fairways bunkers, precision is key; ten holes are flanked by out-of-bounds stakes. Particularly vexing is the unassuming-looking par-3 13th hole on the course, but it packs a wallop with its treacherously shallow green fronted by a steep slope and backed by a hidden bunker. .

    Caddies are mandatory
    US$17.00 per caddy for 18 holes walking
    US$12.00 per caddy for 9 holes walking
    US$25.00 per caddy for 18 holes on shared cart
    US$17.00 per caddy for 9 holes on a shared cart
    As caddies are not Sandals employees,
    tips are accepted
    Yamaha carts are optional
    US$40.00 per cart for 18 holes
    US$25.00 for 9 holes
    Nike Club rentals are available
    $45.00 for 18 holes or $30.00 for 9 holes
    All rentals available in ladies and gents, left and right handed
    Nike Shoe rentals: US$16.00 (includes free pair of socks)

    Hope this helps!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    We will be at CTI 7/26 -8/1 my boyfriend is a golfer, and I am a beginner....anyone out there interested in making a foursone at the course???

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    Quick it possible for a person who isn't golfing to "ride along for fun"? My fiance golfs and I don't, but he wants me to come along during one round to "see what it's all about". Is that possible? If so, would we pay for a "shared cart"?

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    Good question. I recently rode the golf cart w/my DH at callaway gardens in GA and it was a lot of fun. What would the cost be to do that I wonder?

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