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    Default CN Gift Shops

    With all the gift shop credits lately, are the gift shops stocked pretty well still? Just want lots of things to pick from. Mainly curious about the swimsuits and jewelry.
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Good question. And, can you use your gift shop credits at the Boutique at CN?
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    I know you can use the credits at any of the shops at CTI. It probably works the same at CN.

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    They didn't have enough long-sleeved t-shirts, but we found other things to buy.

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    When we were there in 07, you could use them at either location. Hope that is still the case.
    Glenda & Mickey

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    We have returned recently from CN and had a lot of gift shop credits. Yes you can use the credit in the boutique but it is very small and I didn't think it had much in it. We used most of our credit to buy coffee and rum for gifts for our friends.

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    Default huh?--"gift shop credits"

    Just wondering what you all are talking about when you refer to "gift shop credits"???

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    When we booked our trip, one of the perks was $150 in gift shop credits. It was part of a promotional special.

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    how much would a swim suit cost in the gift shop, mainly for a man.

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