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    Default Help?? WATER COLOR AT CTI

    My fiancé and I are very excited about our upcoming wedding. Always wanted a Beach Wedding. We met on a Beach, Engaged on a Beach, and want to get married on a beautiful beach with gorgeous colors of Blue Water. My concern is that CTI water seems to look murky during certain parts of the day. Is this the case will we get beautiful blue water and if so is there a time of day that the water seems to look more vibrant then other times of the day?

    Thank you and I look forward to any help!

    soon to be.... MRS.OWENS

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    The water seems to be bluer (is that a word?) in the mornings. Here is a post that shows pictures of the ocean at different times of the day:
    Difference in Ceremony Time Pics
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    Definately the water at CTI is the bluest first thing in the morning I'd choose 10:00 am. A lot depends on the weather but if it is sunny and calm first thing in the morning the water is just gorges.
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    Default Water color at 4pm

    Our wedding was at about 4:30 and the water was just fine. I never noticed it being merky at any time of day, really. It was so clear with shades of blue, green and some purples. It was beautiful!

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    We were there for 5 nights in July and the water was always beautiful!

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    Even with rain/clouds, you can still have:

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    It's not murky at all! The deeper it gets, the darker the color. There is also grass in between the swimming area and the island, which makes it look darker as well. Also, keep in mind (and this goes for all of the Couples), the water is much calmer in the morning. However, the great thing about CTI is that the beach is private, so you won't have any boats are jet skis in the background making waves.

    Here are some more pics to put your mind at ease.
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