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    Default Son Kevin "playing" at CSA this week...

    Greetings to all:

    My son Kevin is at CSA this week with his girlfriend Kate. A talented (says his dad) musician from NYC, you may hear him playing his sax on the beach at sunset or jammin with Ultimate in the piano bar. If you see him, give him a hug "from Dad".

    Couples Resorts

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    Cool. We'll hope to see him Friday nite upon arrival. Good Gawd! 3 more sleeps til CSA!! Happy dance! Razzl

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    Default Son Makes Dad Proud...

    Would love to hear him! Randymon, you must be very proud.

    A Sax is such a great sound for the Couples Resorts. My wife and I have great memories of Dexter playing the sax while strolling around Sans Souci at twilight. Magical!

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    that is too cool Ranymon. does he ever play @ CN? That sunset gig sounds great. as a solo musician (guitarist/vocalist) i would luv to do a gig like that. Congratulations on having such a talented son, and we hope to see him play sometime, maybe we can jam.


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    Default Randymon - when does Kevin leave?

    We arrive on Friday and would love to see your son play, will he still be there this weekend?

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    Leaving for CSA in 14 hours- looking forward to hearing your son play his sax at sunset.

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    Is there a lot of Sax & Violins at CSA ?
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