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    Default 2 CTI Questions

    1. Are there CD players in the room?

    2. Scuba - my boyfriend wants to take the certification class there - how long does it take and how often can he dive?
    Also - we he dive's - can I snorkel off the same boat?

    We'll be arriving on the 12/1 - can't wait!!

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    No cd players in the room, but they have really nice Ipod dock/stereo's. It has an input jack on it as well if you don't have an Ipod brand mp3 player or you could bring a portable cd player and plug it into that with a stereo/stereo cable.

    Scuba - the PADI basic course is easily done at the resort.. if you do the free "intro to scuba" course, which consists of some "classroom" work, basically a discussion/lesson on sign language and equipment used, then a workshop in the pool in full gear and your first dive (we went to the wrecked ship). After the intro, they tell you for $250, you go diving the next day and you'll get your padi card.... now I'm not sure if that means you do the classroom test on your own or what cause I think there is a part of it that is a test or something.

    As for timeline... you report at 8:30 am at the dive shop.. wait for everyone to get there and you size up the gear necessary, then do a short swim test, 1 full lap (there and back) in the main pool.... really easy, I can't believe people fail that.. they must have been REALLY hung over. Then you have a short intro to the gear and sign language, then off to the dive pool (near the swim up bar)... you test all the gear, the dive master shows you how everything works, they make sure you are comfortable with everything you need to do and know how to relay information to each other. After that, they change tanks if necessary and you hit the dive boat. I think I was back by noon or so... I don't generally wear my watch during the day, so I'm not sure how long.. but I think if you do the padi cert, you just show up at 10:30 or something the next day and gear up and go diving for the 2nd dive.

    I'm not sure if AJ is on the forums, but he nearly convinced me to get certified, I really had a good time and for some reason, I thought it would take up a lot more of my time. Next time, I will for sure do the padi course.

    If you don't want to get certified, you do the intro course and your 1 free dive and it think it's $50 for each additional dive that you do.

    As for snorkeling off the dive boat... I doubt you can, but check with them.. somebody is always on the boat, so they may allow it, but I really doubt they have time to make sure a snorkeler is safe when they are worrying about all the people under the surface.

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