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    I was just wondering about the details of couples in April. We booked it for mid April, with a couple that had never been before. We have been once, for our honeymoon in August. I was hoping that it would be different in April then in August. Got stuck In Hurricane Gustavo when we were last there.

    Anything offered different at that point of the year that would not be the same, say if we booked in November? (food, activities, etc.)

    Also, the weather, water temp, etc.

    Any details would be nice.


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    Try going to the Meet-up at Couples MB from the link above, follow to Team CSA April.
    Tons of folks on that thread that can give you plenty of info on April goings on at CSA.

    What dates are you to be there, my wife and I plus three other couples arrive 4/17/10 from Baltimore. The Orioles will already be below 500 before we get to paradise but, who cares.

    Good Luck finding the info you seek. We chose April on the reccommendations of others who said best time to go outside of February but it is also when the prices are best,

    Maybe we will see you there

    Tom and Cherrie from Hanover ,Pa

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    The one thing I know that is different is that April is out of lobster season so no lobster. I was there last April and the weather was great, 80's and sunny for the most part. I think it rained for a bit two of the six days but no wash outs and NO hurricanes. We are going back again this April.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will check with that thread to see whats up. We are going in the middle of April so it all will work.

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    Loster is out of season ( not served) April- June .
    Besides that, activities are the same and you should have good weather. Hurricane Season is June- November.

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    We were there once at the end of March, and there were tons of white butterflies all over! Pretty for us tourists, but the locals said they're kind of a pain.....The weather is 80s and the water temp is warm but not hot. I think I remember that humidity was lower than in August.

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