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    Default Couples veterans - Bed question

    Question for those Couples vets who have been to all the resorts on the island. Are beds in all the rooms (all tiers) the same? My only small gripe on my recent CTI stay was the rock hard beds. I'm told thats a common thing in the Caribbean, but recently read other competitors to couples have soft beds. Its nit-picky I know.. but just wondering if my next trip my back could get a rest!

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    We have been to all four and the beds are pretty much all the same. We actually think they are very comfortable. Everyone has their own tastes though.

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    Every bed we have had I would describe as "firm"...which we happen to like. I'm not sure how any resort could ever make sure that everyone gets the bed type they like?? I think the solution is one more round of top shelf rum at the bar, then go to bed. That should make everything better
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    The last time we were at CSS, Oct 2016, Mrs. Piperman asked for a “mattress topper”. Staff promptly delivered and the bed was a heck of a lot more comfortable.

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    The suites at CN have memory foam pads. I don't believe that the non-suites include them.

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    They are very firm, but I do understand that toppers are available upon request.

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