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    Default Couples Tower Isle - Pool Parasols/Umbrellas???

    Thinking of staying at CTI in Feb 10 and think the resort looks lovely but we have one concern:

    All the photographs I have seen don;t seem to have any parasols/sun umbrellas by the pool - are there none at this resort?

    If there are not any this would rules this place out for us as I burn like toast in the sun without some shade.

    Surely there are some though - I've never been to any resort that doesn't have sun umbrellas/parasols...

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    We had the same concerns before going to CTI. On one side of the pool there are wonderful trees for shade. We never once had a problem with finding a shady spot as we don't lying in the sun either! Same thing goes for the beach, very comfortable with quite a bit of shade given by the trees.

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    We just returned from CTI. There are no umbrellas; however, there are areas with shade. The lounge chairs on one side of the pool were always shaded - the chairs on the other side had sun from about 8 am - 4 pm. The beach has palm trees which provides shade.

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    Ditto. At CSA the tiki huts are "reserved" early. We travel with another couple and while the guys are diving she likes to sun... I vaporize in sunlight. I can't hibernate under the palm trees if she's at waters edge.... hard to carry on a conversation that way! Planning to take a travel beach umbrella that weighs 5 to 6 pounds and folds to 2 feet. Wish Couples would consider umbrella rentals... not asking for a freebie.

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    Mother Nature provides the "parasols/sun umbrellas" in the form of swaying palms and plenty of them. If you are considering venturing over to the island, there are pagodas there that provide shade.

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