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    Default Help wedding cti 3/3/2010

    My fiancé and I are very excited about our upcoming wedding. Always wanted a Beach Wedding. We met on a Beach, Engaged on a Beach, and want to get married on a beautiful beach with gorgeous colors of Blue Water. My concern is that CTI water seems to look murky during certain parts of the day. Is this the case will we get beautiful blue water and if so is there a time of day that the water seems to look more vibrant then other times of the day?

    Thank you and I look forward to any help!

    soon to be.... MRS.OWENS

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    go to CSA, water is always perfect. that is where we got married.

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    Water has been perfect from dawn to dusk at CTI since we got here, except for a brief period where it rained. Hope this helps. We got married on the beach, and decided to go with 11 am in case of afternoon showers, which luckily didn't happen. =)

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    Hi There,

    I got married at CTI in June 2009, and we didnt get married on the beach.
    The reason being, the beach is quite narrow, and compact, and the wedding set up has the volleyball set up onone side, and loungers on the other.
    This is just my personal opinion, but it wasnt very private!

    I didn't decide where i wanted to get married until i got there, we just booked in our date and time and decided once we got to the resort and had a look around!

    If you need anymore info, pictures, etc, just holler!

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    Congrats! We are getting married Feb 2010 at CTI. There doesnt seem to be much information on CTI on here. Who was your photographer? I would love to see your pics!

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    We were at CTI in early July and the water was gorgeous blue every day. We're getting married on the island in November 2009 -- it's perfect. I do agree with Crazyweecheerleader that the beach isn't very private,and it is compact. We're regulars at Couples Sans Souci and their beach is much bigger and nicer for a wedding. But if you have a lot of guests coming down, CTI is much better because it's not as spread out as CSS. Both had gorgeous water.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Hi Redanimals!

    I'm considering getting married at the CTI island and would like to know how your wedding went and what it looked like! Any info or pictures would be appreciated!


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