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    Default Has anyone been married in the garden gazebo at CSA?

    If so, were you glad you did? Do you have pictures to share? I just think that it would be more private than having everyone watching you in their swimsuits on the beach

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    We were married @ CSA in the garden gazebo and it was fantastic ! Much cooler than the beach.

    I agree with your views about the beach being so much less private.

    I will TRY to attach a

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    I liked the garden, but the beach was def better for the wedding, and then you do your cake/dance in the Gazeebo. That way, you get a lot of different pictures.

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    We got married in the gazebo in the garden. We are so glad we did as it was cooler in the gazebo, we didn't have to squint because it was more shady and we found it more private. We had the cake and champagne in the garden and went down to the beach after for photos. We should be getting our pictures soon and will post some when we get them!
    CSA is great!

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