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    Default Day pass for guests

    We are getting married at CSA in December and originally it was just going to be the 2 of us. But now it seems that we may have a few guests...
    Is the day pass for each guest that is not staying at Couples $50? What all does this include?
    Obviously, dinner/lunch/drinks are included for my fiance and myself, but what about my guests that are not staying there? Is the catamaran cruise included too???

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    The $50. pass for Wedding guests only includes the wedding ceremony and food and drinks served during the wedding.
    If they want to use the hotels facilities you would have to pay $100. per person for a 1/2 day pass. It would include the Cat cruise

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    I had to same question as I have people coming to CN from a different resort next week. I emailed Debbie and this was her response. $50 just for the wedding, cake, and champagne, two hours max on the resort. $100 half day pass includes one main meal, drinks, and snacks and is good for 8 hours. $200 full day pass includes two main meals. She didn't give me the # of hours for that one. People visiting from another resort CAN'T participate in reserved activities (including the cat cruise).

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