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    Default Weather in Negril during September?

    We had to schedule our vacation in September. I have read conflicting info, but in large it appears that September is still the rainy season, but it is between the summer and fall peaks. We read that Negril is on the dry side of the island? Is that true? What is the weather like there during september? We were thinking of breaking in CTI, but we thought it best to stick to the dry side of the island during the rainy season....but who know if what we read is true.

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    I am sure everyone will have their opinions on where you should go but Sept of 2004 we visited CN for a week and it only rained once on our wedding day for about 30 mins or so. No bother we were in the pool getting wet anyways! lol It is the peak of hurricane season and we had just missed one. Go to which ever one you feel is proper for you. We were originally booked for COR (now CTI) in 2004 but hurricane forced us to CN and we couldn't of been happier! We are scheduled to return again for our five yr anniversary in Sept 2009 and again in May of 2010.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    We were at CN in September 2007 & the weather was fine - just like always - clear mornings with clouds rolling in after lunch & sprinkles or showers for a few minutes to a couple of hours each afternoon. It is hurricane season & that year Hurricane Dean went through a few days before we got there. We had the insurance so if we wanted to cancel for any reason, we could have but were glad we didn't because all was fine other than a little tree damage.

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