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    We are traveling in June 2010 to Negril for the wedding of my niece. I like the beach, but my husband does not like to set out and read etc. I am trying to determine if the beachfront rooms are worth the extra money. Are some beachfront rooms better to request than others?

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    No, I do not think the beachfront rooms are worth the extra money. We have done both the beach front and the garden view and the rooms inside are exactly the same and the view is really about the same. We will always book garden view now.Just book a garden view and you will be happy. The beach is very close by. The resort is not that big. You are going to love it!!!

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    It depends on what's important to you. For me, definately worth the extra. Going back in February and gutted that the BFVS are fully booked and I cannot have one.

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    If you were going to Swept Away, then my answer would be "yes" - there is a big difference in Garden and Beachfront. But, in this case, no.

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