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    Default Rum Punch Recipe

    Help!! My wife and I just got back from a 6 wonderful days at CTI...Now the rum punch withdrawls are setting in. Anyone out there know of a recipe close to the one that Couples uses? Hurry...i'm starting to see things!

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    Yes,tell me about it!!!!I would like the recipe was soooo yummy!!

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    I too love the rum punch. I took care of a patient from Jamaica a couple of years ago and was telling him how much I love the rum punch and he gave me the recipe used most often:
    1 bottle of jamaican overproof rum
    1 qt orange juice
    1 qt pineapple juice
    1 small bottle lime juice
    1 qt fruit punch
    1 bottle grenadine syrup
    1/2 bottle bitters
    Mix together adding grenadine syrup to taste. Serve over ice.

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    Thank You Karin...My blood alcohol level needs some much needed "fuel"

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    Thats wonderful!Thankyou so much!Tommorow night is going to be a Rum Punch night!

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    Your welcome. Enjoy but be careful if you really use the 100 proof rum. It will knock your socks off. I made it once when I got company but used regular rum instead of 100 proof. It was just as good.

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