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    My husband and I and our friends will be trying out CSA in a split vacation with CN next week. We have been to CN many times and wanted to try something new. We will only be at CSA for a few days. What MUST we do?

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    Let's see, here are a few of our favorites: the Martini Bar before dinner; walking the beach and exploring off-property; swimming laps in the pool at the sports complex in the morning; watching the sunset from our room. Have fun!

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    not having to do anything is the biggest must do. Ultimate Chocolate in the Piano Bar. Sitting on the beach with a cool drink and a book. What ever you want to do is the must do.
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    Definitely the Martini Bar above the Palms. Go across the street to the sports complex and have a suped up smoothie or some infused water. Take a nice leisurely walk around the property at night. The lighting is so romantic.

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    Do spend time with Ultimate Chocolate at the piano bar. have the chips and dip and Seagrapes. The Spa is awesome. Do enjoy the relaxation pool. Dinner at Lemongrass and Feathers we never miss.

    hope this helps,


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    I'd suggest taking a nice long walk on 7 mile beach. Razzl

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    Nature tour!

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    the martini bar, walking out onto 7-mile beach, and if you're there for the beach bonfire, don't miss it!

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    We loved snorkeling from the Love Boat with Marlon! Also check out the romantic bonfire on the beach (Wednesday when we were there) - the fire and the stars and the acoustic music sealed the deal for us - we HAVE to go back!

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    I would HIGHLY recommend the cat cruise and swimming in the caves. Ultimate Chocolate is a must do also!

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    Banana stuffed french toast and a breakfast pizza washed down by a couple of hummingbirds at Patois Patio...MMMMM.

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