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Thread: Oh Boy !!

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    Default Oh Boy !!

    I was all set to type "Now that's what I'm talking about" Or being a Jersey Girl.. "Tawking"... And I was all excited to start a new thread...
    Why was I so excited? Because I cleared my cookies and came back to the board, signed in and actually posted several replies to other posts... used different colors and emoticons...
    So...I thought okay, maybe this new MB is okay after all.
    And what happened when I went to start a new thread? Yup, you got it, had to sign in all over again (yes I checked "remember me" previously)....
    Oh well, still going to keep trying, maybe I'll get it right someday soon.....

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    Same thing happens to me. I log in and click rememver me, when I go to post I have to sign in again. If I resign in, everytime I go to post again I am required to resign again.

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    A&F - I see you have font, emoticons, etc going on so clearly you're getting to be a master.
    "patience sister patience" (from an old JA movie).

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    Hi Art and Francine,
    I was wondering where you were? Hope things are well with you. We have 162 Days!! What are your December dates?
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Art and Francine

    We all hope that issue gets resolved.

    It is strange how some ISP's have problems and others don't.

    I'm sure it is something simple that will get worked out.

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    having the same problem, every time I try to do something different I have to log in again. It's fun changing colors.

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    Could it possibly be the browser you are using? I use Firefox and it works great.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Don't Give Up Francine!!!!!

    Don't give up Francine!!!!!!!

    I was SO frustrated the first 3 days of this new MB that I could have bit nails but once I got my login issues resolved, I think it's great. Not as simple as the old MB by any means but it's got a lot of nice features - even for us "older folks" that haven't moved ahead with technology like some of the others. LOL . Remember, I'm the one who doesn't Twitter, Tweet, or Text and can barely use my basic cell phone. But once I followed KrisJamie's suggestion on the "privacy" thing, I have been able to stay logged in & all has been fine. I've still got a LOT of stuff to figure out but I'm at least able to stay logged in so I can try to learn.

    Now, I don't know if I know what I'm doing enough to do this but let's see if I can help ---------- This is like the blind, leading the not so blind LOL. This is SCARY. HA HA

    This is a link to the page that KrisJamie had shown what to do & it helped my logging in over & over again issues.

    Go to that screen on your computer (Internet Explorer - Tools - Options) & type in the following & then hit allow.

    I kept having to sign in everytime my screen changed, but once I did this, all was OK.

    Hope it helps. Good Luck!!!!

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    Unable to stay logged on at all yesterday a.m. - wasted about 20 minutes; had to get back to reality and get things done. Still so frustrating....
    I may be in the minority but I really miss the simplicity of the previous m.b. - that was fun, this has turned into more work than fun (for me)...

    Not sure why I was able to get/stay logged on so far today - did everything the same.
    Yesterday I kept logging on, rec'd the message "thank you for logging on" (or whatever it says) and then unable to post??
    Oh well, here goes another try..

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    Thanks for the encouragement....

    Hi Rudi - GREAT to hear from you two !!

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    Francine I heard you got Paula to do Facebook? She and "Roni" came over to the pool over the weekend and we had a blast. It's not Couples but pretty darn close! We had to comfort him due to the fact he had a little bump up on the way over. He back "his" car into "his" truck! He needs another trip to Couples soon huh!!! Trying to talk them into November when we go.

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    Thank You Julie (Maxernie) that link seems to help - that's how I was able to log on yesterday.... still miss the simplicity of the other board...:o
    So how are you two ? How is your hair these days? Just got mine trimmed last night (first time in awhile that it came out okay)

    Howdy SCJAMAICAGIRL, Sounds like you had a GREAT time with the Roni Macaronis Isn't it GREAT to have a pool in the backyard - makes it a Party Atmosphere!! We had CN friends visit over Memorial Day Weekend and hung out by the pool and the Seaside Bars - had a Fantastic Time-wish they could join us this holiday weekend too (but I guess it's not realistic to hop on a plane and fly on over for every summer holiday) Maybe we'll all get to meet up at CN someday .... Please tell Paula and Roni "HI" from Jersey...

    HAPPY 4TH TO ALL!!!!

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