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    Default IE logging me out...

    I am typing this using Safari. When I logged in using IE8, I would log in, it would redirect saying "Thank you for logging in Cypresspeeps" and then a new login screen would appear. I am not having any problems when using Safari. Is anyone else having issues with IE8? Do I need to change some settings or something?

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    It works great using Firefox.


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    Thanks. Not sure why I'm no longer using Firefox. I used it for years. Maybe it's time to reconsider.

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    I have been trying to post all day using aol and IE. I have gotten lots of emails from Lowell to try to help me to no avail. I just tried to post using IE without aol and got right in. That must be the problem somehow. Does that makes sense to you? Dont know why I still use aol but I am so used to it. I have never tried another browser.

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