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    Default Limo Or Shuttle?

    hello all, we are going to go to CN (our first time) in march and I was wanting to rent a limo to surprise my wife but a friend who had been there before say's take the shuttle, it was alot of fun, so my quistion is, is the limo ride worth it or would the shuttle ridw be more enjoyable? ( I know, decisions, decisions, lol ) thanks for any input

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    If money is no option, take a limo.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    We always take the SweptAway...which is just down the road from CN. We think it's a blast! It's also a chance to meet some fellow vacationers who are sharing the ride. The same shuttle that takes us to CSA makes a stop at CN. The drivers have always been friendly and full of good information. You might want to surprise her with the flight from MoBay to Negril, but if you're staying on land, I'd save the money and enjoy the shuttle. It's really "part of the Jamaica experience".

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    A limo ride would be private. The shuttle has several couples on it, and the driver will tell you about the island. If it's your first time to Jamaica, I would take the shuttle. Spend the money on the beach dinner. It is so worth it, and will make a much more romantic surprise!

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    Personally, I would take the bus everytime. You do get to meet fellow guests, and generally the driver is great fun, your friend is right. He'll point out places of interest, you also get to see some of the country. Some will stop for a beer break/comfort break. I just think it's a great start to your Couples Experience.

    But, this is your holiday so you can choose what suits you. I don't know the cost of hiring a limo (the bus is free!!). I am sure someone out there will know more about it, and where you can hire them from.

    You'll have a great time, whichever way you choose to travel.

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    You don't see many Limosines in Jamaica. Private cars are typically Vans. Without going into a discussion about what's appropriate in a Developing Country, stick to the Shuttle. When you want to take a tour you can hire a Van.
    Save the Limousine for your hometown Airport ride. Or surprise hercwithbthe Private Dinner on the beach

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    Take the shuttle it's free. I would spend your money on a cool excursion or something!!!

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    Not sure how "easy" it is to rent a limo in Jamaica. We have been to Jamaica 18 times and have never used a limo. Our preference from MoBay to negril is to fly with TimAir. This would be a great surprise for your fiance and would most likely be less expensive than a limo.
    Also, you may want to take the shuttle that is provided. Good chance to meet other "couple" guests and to see the country side.
    Hope this helps:
    Winterpeg(Gary & Norine)
    CSA Dec 2010, 2009

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    There's really no "decision" to make, since there aren't many Limousines in Jamaica. I've never even seen one. The Marleys ride in Vans and Sedans - so ....

    Since this is your first time to Jamaica, I won't go in to a whole discussion about what's appropriate in a Developing country, as you will see it for yourselves. That's been done here and opinions run hot on certain topics like that.

    The ride to Negril is about 90 minutes..
    Take the Shuttle and save the Limousine for your hometown airport. If you want to surprise your wife, plan the Private Dinner on the beach....

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    Quote Originally Posted by akcouple_85 View Post
    hello all, we are going to go to CN (our first time) in march and I was wanting to rent a limo to surprise my wife but a friend who had been there before say's take the shuttle, it was alot of fun, so my quistion is, is the limo ride worth it or would the shuttle ridw be more enjoyable? ( I know, decisions, decisions, lol ) thanks for any input

    My suggestion would be take the shuttle, take in all the culture you can and this shuttle adventure is part of the experience. Also, if the Limo's are anything like the limo ride we experienced in the Bahamas, take the shuttle, all the limo's in the Bahamas were what was shipped there after they failed safety inspections in the U.S. or had 600K miles on them and were held together with the finest of Duct tape

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    We've never taken a Limo to any of the Couples resorts, however, if you don't mind spending a few dollars, it sonds like fun. The shuttle is definitely fun, especially if they stop along the way for a beer and pit stop.

    I don't think that I helped you at all!! Have fun though!

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    I don't know anyone who has taken the limo. We always take the shuttle. The ride to CN is not bad. You see the sights and, if you have a good driver, you also get a nice tour of the area. I'd take the shuttle.

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    I'd save the limo $ for something else...I would have loved it if hubby would have surprised me w/ the private dinner on the beach, tho he did surprise me w/ first class tix. I'd never flown first class! lol

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    This is just my personal opinion. I would just take the included shuttle service. That way I could spend that money that I saved on something else such as an outside of resort activity or spend it shopping. We have done Mayfield Falls and would consider doing the Appleton Rum tour again if we had a chance. We did it 34 years ago and would love to go again, but we are going to Ochi this time which is too far away. If I had extra money to spend I would opt for Timair instead of limo. It would get me there faster and I'm sure it has some fantastic views.

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    The shuttle ride is already included in your price, which is a plus. We always have a great time on it!

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    I’m sure there will be a general consensus about this...take the shuttle!!
    Its included in your trip, and being that this is your first trip to Negril, its well worth the bus ride. What you will get is the true Jamaica, unfolding as you cross the roads, and little towns, sharing this experience with other CN guest, that are just as excited to be going to somewhere wonderful. The bus drivers are all extremely entertaining, and full of wonderful facts about there special land.
    The vibe you will start your vacation on is so exciting.....
    If at all you wanted to do something special. Look into doing a TimAir flight back to MOBay. That we have done once, and it was such a treat.
    Don’t miss the bus

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    Take the shuttle, it is FREE and you see a lot of Jamaica, they usually stop half way for bathroom break and to get drinks the drivers are like tour guides and point out a lot of interesting things, plus you start to get the TRUE Couples experience right away, talking to newbies or veterans

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    I have a better idea for you........ Take a plane from Montego bay to Negril..... go to check it out...its about $200/couple each get to the resort in 15 minutes instead of 90 minutes....also the view is fantastic!

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    For us the shuttle is part of the experience. We don't tend to leave the resort much so it is our time to see the real Jamaica. The bonus of taking the shuttle is that you get to meet people that are staying at the same resort and by the time you get off the bus, you already have friends!!!

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    I think the shuttle ride would be more enjoyable, especially for your first trip. You not only get to see the countryside, but the bus driver acts like a tour guide. Plus you will meet other couples on your bus and stop at a roadside bar for a beer or a snack.
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    Easy answer, fly from Mobay to Negril.

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    Save the cost of the Limo for Something really romantic, like the dinner of two on the beach or an extra couples massage. The ride will take the same time no matter which vehicle.

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    Save the $$ and take the bus. Spend that on an hour long couples massage instead.

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    There aren't any limos in Jamaica. If you are taking a private transfer, it is in a sedan. They are small cars similar to a Toyota Camry.

    I agree with your friend. Take the shuttle. It really is fun and nice to meet people that you will be spending your vacation with.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Limo?

    I don't think it would be a "limo" like we think of in the USA... I don't recall ever seeing one there. The "fun" shuttle depends on several factors and mainly the personality of your driver... and the entertainment value varies. Your comfort is inversely proportional to the number of guests. We have been packed into the backseat of the van with the tower of luggage looming behind us. You get the opportunity to meet some of the other guests, but some may be going to the other resort. Your enjoyment is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed at the welcome station at the airport... the ride to CSA is about 1.5 hours and most of the time you stop in Lucie. I think it all depends on how private or social you want to be.

    If you are wanting to impress I would check to see what type of vehicle if you are thinking stretch limo.

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