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    Default Renovations and Massage at CN

    We will be returning to CN in two weeks! We previously stayed in an Ocean View in Block 7. We are in a Garden View Room this time. Are all the garden view rooms completely renovated now?

    Also, how much does it cost to upgrade from the Couples massage to the Treehouse Massage?

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    The Couples Massage upgrade to the Treehouse costs $5 each. A real no brainer. It is well worth the $10 it'll cost you.
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    We always stay in the Gardenview room. As of the last we heard all of them have been redone. The massage upgrade is minimal. I've done the treehouse massage. Enjoyable. My husband Jay and I will be arriving in 16 days. Look forward to seeing you at the repeaters' dinner.

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    I actually prefer the Garden View room over the Ocean view. I think you will enjoy the other side of the resort too. It is much more tropical and secluded. We have stayed in many different buildings and it's fun to try something different. It is ALL good.

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    We were just there last month and it cost $10 each to have the Romance Rewards free 1/2 hour massage in the Treehouse. That said it was definitely worth it!
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