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    Default Attention Everyone from Milwaukee and surrounding towns: Kissathon is coming

    Greetings to all Milwaukeeans:

    Get ready to pucker up and win a 7 night stay - including airfare - to Couples Tower Isle...

    Here are the details as published by 103.7 KissFM:

    "We are giving away two all-inclusive vacations for two
    at the romantic, all new Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica. Here is how to WIN!

    July 10 bring your favorite partner to on Jackson between Wells and Kilbourn where the puckering is set to begin at 8pm.
    One couple kissing for 10 minutes and 37 seconds will win a four-night stay at the all-inclusive Couples Tower Isle in beautiful Jamaica.

    Last pair to have lips locked wins the spectacular seven-day all-inclusive Couples Tower Isle getaway with airfare to picturesque Jamaica.

    Event is open for adult couples only. For more information visit the contest page at

    Grab your lip balm and come on down."
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    Couples Resorts

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    and how long does it take to drive there from Ocala, Florida? I'd hate to miss out the chance! Good luck everybody!

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    nice! hey, i'm in kenosha, just a short 30min drive away.

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    Default Unfair

    I was so excited and ready to go. Read the rules and the county I live in is not included. I live less then an hour away in Manitowoc county. My son lives in Milwaukee. I may have to send him but he doesn't even have a girlfriend.

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    My wife and I were 1 of the 65 couples that entered the kiss-a-thon on Friday. We almost had it and would have won if our chair didn't break a 11am. THERE WAS ONLY 4 OTHER COUPLES LEFT!! Needless to say, my wife and I were very, very disappointed. It was alot of fun and a great marketing strategy. We had planned on going to Jamaica but didn't know what resort to stay at. We definitely know that it must be CTI for certain!
    The main reason for this post though, is we would like to know WHO WON??? And how many hours did it go??? We kissed for 15 hours and would have gone on for 15 more if our chair didn't break. We can't find info on the contest anywhere!
    It will be a GREAT story to tell when we do make it there!

    Milwaukee, WI

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    My wife and I were 1 of the last 5 couples in the kiss-a-thon! We made it from 8pm until 11am the next day. We would have gone all the way except with only about 5 mins before our 5 minute break, I heard a snap!! Before I could even react, the chair broke and down we went to the ground. Falling to the ground trying to stay in a lip-lock with my wife was impossible!
    It was ALOT of fun and we are very disappointed that we didn't win but it will definitely will be a good story to tell when we do make it to CTI!! I have to give you credit because it was a great marketing idea and you have us hooked on "Coming Home"(even though we haven't been there yet)LOL!
    The main reason for this post, although, is we would like to congratulate the winners. But there is no follow-up on the contest anywhere! We really would like to know which couple and how many hours it went on for?? We made it 15 hours and would have gone 15 more if it wasn't for that stupid chair!

    Milwaukee, WI

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    shandi Guest

    Default and the winners are.......

    The grand prize winner (7 nights) are
    Jessica Handrich
    Daniel Ottman
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WOW!!!! 22 hours!!!!!

    And, here are a couple of videos from the event:

    "Shandi" Andi Conway
    Couples Resorts Director of Sales and Marketing
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    Default Kiss A thon

    Congrats Jessica and Dan!! And thank you Shandi for posting the winners, it was really bugging us to find out who won!
    Rob & Nikki

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