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    Default In room toiletries?

    Can any recent travelers to CN recall the toiletries in the bathroom? We are trying to get all our supplies in our carry-ons and I can't remember the specific toiletries supplied.. An help would be appreciated. 25 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bar soap (hearing that the bath gel isn't there anymore ) lotion, shampoo, and aloe.

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    We just got back a week ago. There is a little stand on the bathroom counter that has shampoo, bath gel, some skin cream for sunburn, extra soap and a shower cap.
    Pretty much all we needed.

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    They give you moisturizer, shower gel and I shampoo.

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    Check the thread "toiletries" from Oct. 29. There is a picture of the itms they give you.

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    They provide Shampoo/Conditioner combo (but if your hair is thick or tangles, you might want to bring extra conditioner), aloe vera gel, bath gel and lotion.
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    I believe they have shampoo, bath gel, and aloe gel. They have changed their aloe gel to a clear style which I don't like as much. The previous one seemed more soothing.

    We stay in a suite and they also have quetips and cotton balls - can't remember if they have them in regular rooms.

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    Shampoo, Aloe Gel, Hand Soap, Body Soap. They discontinued the body wash.
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    They have everything you need in the toiletries including aloe after sun stuff. You really don't need to bring shampoo, conditioner, lotion ,except if there is something that you just want to have from home. They will replenish daily. I am envious that you will be going back soon! Enjoy!

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