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Thread: Team june 2010

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    Thanks again for the photos, can almost feel the sand!!!

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    Ahhhhhhh! Love the new photo!

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    I will be there on my honeymoon June 22-29. So Excited!

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    47 days. Rrrrrrrrr, are you out there?

    Making up packing lists, buying travel needs. School is winding down and the weather is warming up.

    Soon come, my friends, soon come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redinthehead View Post
    Thanks again for the photos, can almost feel the sand!!!
    I got my toes in the water, tush in the sand. Not a worry in the world but a cold red stripe in my hand life is good today.... Oh I am there. Welcome bridgeylou26 we will see y'all down there.

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    You know what we need, one of those Christmas count down calenders, only instead of Christmas it is for CSA and instead of candy everynight you would get a drink. Like a Humming Bird, Dirty Banana, Bob Marley Shot.

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    We (Kelly and Greg) just booked our first trip to CSA and can't wait! We will be there June 21-28 celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (June 24).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pibblelover View Post
    Ahhhhhhh! Love the new photo!
    Thanks this is one of my favorite photos looking towards the direction of margaritaville....

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    27 days and counting

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    Congrats on 15 years Kelly and Greg!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the calendar idea!!

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    think we should continue our trip towards margaritaville... and stop for a drink
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    We will be there June 21 and we are first timers! Soooo excited!

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    welcome lrsmommy... we might overlap depending on the length of your stay. Have to meet for a drink or two or three

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    heading down May 30th-June 6th. First timers and honeymooners!
    Cant Wait!!

    Chris & Sarah

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    Default Need to join Team June 2010 :-)

    Hi everyone.. first time posting.. hope I am doing this right.. Will be ast CSA June 20-26.. coming from NYC.. 1st timers.. soooo excited!

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    Default June 28th-July 6th

    My fiance and I are getting married on June 25th and we are headed to CSA from June 28th-July 6th!!! We are 29 and 30 and are so excited to enjoy Jamaica and make some new friends at the swim up bar! See you soon!

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    Default Getting married

    We (Melvin and Sonja) are arriving 1-8 June. We are getting married on the beach on the 3rd! It is our first trip to Couples and we could'nt be more excited!

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    Welcome Newbies!!! We will see ya'll down there depending on when your going. Pool bar is the place to be in the afternoons especially when a shower rolls in. 49 days to go.

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    Default 5 Year Anniversary from Kansas

    We will be there from June 2-7 for our 5-year anniversary / belated honeymoon. First Time to CSA and first vacation away from kids!!! Very excited about the trip and look forward to meeting many new friends. Brian and Suzanne
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    pete n shelly are coming on their honeymoon june 22-29.looking very foward to meeting everyone c ya there!

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    any advice for newbies?

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    Default June 13 - 20th... First Time

    We can't wait... tickets are bought... and we are ready.

    See ya at the Pool Bar!

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    Hey brian and suzanne. It will be our 5-year anniversary also.

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    On the countdown 28 days to go till paradise. We will be at CSA June 5-10 celebrating our 31st anniversary.

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    Default a few more weeks

    congrats to everyone celebrating at CSA. Can't wait to get there.. My husband and I will be there June 1-9th. You'll find us at the swim up bar most afternoons either playing cards or causing a ruckus... well, at least I will be. If anyone is interested in working out in the morning, let me know.. I'll be doing the "Firm", well, I'm planning on doing the "Firm" every morning so I can go eat my french toast and have my Dirty Bananas. See you soon!

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